How to Pitch and Submit an Article

Step 1: Pitch a Feature Article or Guest Post

Please read more about what we’re looking for in Feature Articles and Traveler Articles/Guest Posts and check out our Editorial Calendar before filling out the following form.

Not following these instructions is the best way for your pitch to be disregarded immediately.

Once ready, fill out the form below as completely as possible to give your article pitch the best chance of being accepted. Please note that if you upload a Feature Article  via our article submission form without getting it approved via the following pitch form, your article will be treated as if it’s an unpaid Traveler Article/Guest Post.

Step 2: Our editor will contact you if we are able to accept your pitch.

Step 3: Your pitch is accepted and you need to upload your article via our Submission Form.

  1. Copy and paste your finished article (text only) into a program like Notepad or Textpad on Macs. Important: Please do not copy and paste articles directly from Word (or any WYSIWYG program — it inserts all kinds of weird coding you can’t see that we end up having to take out and it can cause your article to error. Putting it into Notepad before you paste it into our form eliminates all that extra unnecessary code).
  2. Copy and paste your article from Notepad into our Online Submission Form
  3. Add in whatever formatting you want (bold, italics, links, lists, etc.) using the buttons at the top of the submission form
  4. In the “Title” field, put the letters FA at the start, followed by the title of your article (i.e. FA – Best Beaches in Europe) This is important: if you don’t add the “FA” your article may be confused for a traveler article!
  5. Complete the rest of the form, including a teaser for the article
  6. Photos are just as important to the article as the content itself, so it’s imperative that you find great photos to go along with your article. An article can and will be rejected if the photos are not up to our standards. You are free to use your own photos, but you may want to check the creative commons as well to see if there are any better ones out there. It is not uncommon to spend just as much time on pictures as it is writing.
  7. Upload photos for your article, edited to 640 pixels wide on their longest side. Landscape oriented photos work much better than portrait.
  8. Include a short note at the end of the article (clearly marked, so it can be edited out) to indicate which photos go where in the article, and links to any Creative Commons photos.

And you’re done! If you need a quick photo editor, we recommend Gimp– it’s online, and the free version includes most of the editing tools you’d need, plus it’s very user-friendly.

If you’re having any problems with this form, you can email your article to: articles [at] bootsnall [dot] com . Currently photos can not be attached with this form, but we are working on this function now and should have it back working soon.