More people live in North East Asia than anywhere else in the world. The region is dominated by China and Japan, but the sights throughout the rest of the region aren't shabby either.

Although China and Japan are the main attractions, some of the lesser traveled countries can be even more exciting. Mongolia's sparse population and rugged terrain make it a popular adventure destination and can remind you how remote parts of the world really are.

The mountains of Tibet are also becoming popular destinations for tourists wishing to see the temples, or travelers hoping to learn more about Buddhism in the home of the Dalai Lama.

North Korea is now just beginning to open its borders to international tourists outside of the United States. It will cost you a pretty penny to purchase one of the travel packages, but you'll get to tour a place that has been obscured from international view for years.

South Korea remains as beautiful as it has always been and is responding to the boost in tourism in recent years with a burgeoning hospitality industry and even more accommodations and sights to see.

One of the tiniest, most technologically advanced nations in the world, Taiwan has been blowing travelers away with their culture and hospitality and continues to do so as they further distinguish themselves from China.