The Scandinavian people have always been ahead of the rest of us. Vikings took their boats and raided and pillaged the small farming villages of northern Europe centuries before their victims developed the ability to defend themselves and now, they are at the head of the push in western countries toward free medicine for all residents.

"Scandinavian" countries are linked by the similarities in their languages, but the region is defined by much more. The blond hair, blue eyes and dry sense of humor of Finland or Norway, as well as a general prosperity throughout the countries that some claim makes them the most desirable place in the world to live.

Although Scandinavian countries' general prosperity makes them safe and easy to travel through, the trip itself can get expensive. The cost of living in Sweden, or Denmark makes everyday purchases a major expense and the added cost can sometimes cut your trip short. You may be able to make up the difference, however, by staying in some of the many youth hostels located throughout Scandinavia instead of the full price luxury hotels you might have otherwise traveled through.

In addition to the four big Scandinavian countries, the Faroe Islands in the north Atlantic ocean between Iceland and Norway, are another Scandinavian travel destination. Part of Denmark, the Faroe islands are most often toured between July and August when the weather is best.