Western Europe is the basic backpacking destination for most travelers and a trip through a romance language country by rail or bus has become almost a rite of passage for anyone who considers themselves a citizen of the world.

It's no secret why Western Europe has emerged as the tourism center that it is. Countries like France, Italy and Spain have the most to offer travelers in terms of comfort, attractions and culture. Western Europe has been in the front seat of history for the last few centuries and because of that prominence, it has romanced the imagination of a great deal of us living elsewhere.

Take Greece, which once stood as one of the most powerful and prominent civilizations in the world. Today its ancient structures and stone buildings provide a trove of sights for the average traveler to take in and marvel at, whether they've been moved by the writings of Plato, Aristotle and Socrates or not.

Nearly every country in Western Europe has a history that you can trace back to a moment of great influence.Whether you're in Italy looking at the ancient stone remnants of the Roman Empire, in Germany where troops fought the historic battles of World Wars I and II, or in France touring the most impressive collections of art anywhere in the world, Western Europe is a place that will incite your passion for travel for the rest of your life.

Finding flights to Europe is never a problem, but finding cheap flights sometimes is. The best places to start looking are London, Paris, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam, since they are the busiest transfer airports and have the most flights in general.

Finding cheap places to sleep in this part of Europe can really be challenging. Of course there are many hotels in Europe and the standards tend to be high even when the rooms are small. You'll often find cheap and basic hotels near train stations, which will be your best bet unless you want to try some of the Europe hostels, many of which have private rooms that are nicer and cheaper than nearby basic hotels.