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What is is the one-stop indie travel guide. Whether you are planning a trip, in the middle of a trip, recently returned from a trip or just dreaming about travel when you are stuck at home, the BootsnAll Travel Network has a resource or two (or 17) that will be of use and interest to you.

For many people who visit BootsnAll, their first question is, “What do you do, exactly?” In very basic terms, you can think of the BootsnAll Travel Network as the perfect combination of a fabulous and largely user-generated travel guidebook, and a friendly travel agent that specializes in getting discounts on travel services and products. What this means for you is that you can come to BootsnAll at any point in your planning process and we will help you with whatever you need.

For instance, if you are just dreaming of a trip but you don’t know where you want to go, you can browse our travel guides – for destinations covering the entire planet – until one place captures your imagination. Then you can research the destination, talk with other people who have been there, book anything you need for your trip and start a travel blog to keep family and friends informed about what you’re up to! really is the ultimate tool for the independent traveler.

A sample of what we provide, besides fun, is below:

Travel Information

Travel Planning
The first step of your travel experience is deciding where you want to go and how you are going to get there. Then, once you get there, where will you stay? What will you do? How will you get around? So many decisions, so much research to do! Not to worry – BootsnAll can help you out, no matter what you’re looking for:

Travel Guides
Our destination-specific travel guides offer basic nuts and bolts travel information on a place along with travel stories (submitted by travelers just like you!) and suggestions on things to see and do. They are excellent resources that provide a nice mixture of general travel information, insider tips, travel notes and individual experiences and are constantly being updated.

Start in one of these general guides and drill down until you get to the country or city you’re interested in:

World Adventures
Read about and book an adventure trip almost anywhere on earth, from a climb to Machu Picchu to an expedition in the Australian Outback to a rafting trip on a Zambezi River – or something of your own creation. It’s easy to get inspired when you read about the small group adventures that are already planned, but if you want to expand your horizons even further a quick browse through the adventure travel forum on BootsnAll will inspire you even further. Oh, and if you’re seeing the word “adventure” and assuming these trips are only for mountain climbers, think again – at BootsnAll World Adventures the emphasis is simply on small groups, close-to-the-ground travel, and a distinct lack of oversized tour buses. Yes, there are adventure sports involved sometimes, but not always.

Travel Community

travelers’ Discussion Boards
The soul of the BootsnAll Travel Network, the BootsnAll Travel Community is really centered around the discussion boards. The forums serve as a place for travelers to meet, discuss and laugh with one another about their travel experiences. In this community, no one will think your inability to stay rooted is strange, and in fact they will encourage your travel addiction. There are forums dedicated to different regions of the world, different travel themes and other things of interest to travelers, including travel writing, photography and languages. It is easy to join, just sign up!

Travel Blogs
Travel blogs can be informative as well as very entertaining. Plans change, people change, places do not measure up to expectations. You can see it all happen, update by update from the road. And if you want your own soapbox, you can start your very own free travel blog in about 20 seconds.

Other Resources Under the BootsnAll Umbrella

Location & Theme Based Travel Guides
If BootsnAll is the one-stop indie travel guide, our WhyGo family of travel sites are the one-stop guides to the destinations or themes they cover. That’s where we allow a passionate writer to go more in-depth on a place or a topic, providing people with the kind of travel advice you might get from a friend.

Some of the WhyGo travel guides we have going right now are:

And if you’re passionate about a place or a travel topic and think you might want to join our team of fantastic writers, then click through to learn more about the BootsnAll Travel Writers Platform.

What does sports have to do with travel? Well, not much unless you’re traveling to go watch a game. No matter, since we’re nuts about all manner of enthusiasm and inspiration (and just kind of nuts in general), we decided to build a few sports sites. And what happened? We ended up with some of the biggest English-language soccer sites out there. They’re pretty fun reading if you’re into footy, and if you happen to want to catch a game while you’re traveling (just to see what the fuss is all about) we’ve got information about how to do that, too.

  • World Cup news and stories on the World Cup Blog, with a site for every country (and the refs)
  • For all the other soccer news and stories, there’s The Offside soccer blog, with sites for every league and most of the teams within those leagues
  • If you want to see a game while you’re traveling, we’ve got soccer travel information (including where stadiums are, how to get there, and what hotels & hostels are nearby) and we can help you get tickets to soccer games around the world, too

Travelers Tool Kit
For non-destination specific travel information, check out the Travelers Toolkit. This section covers everything from budgeting and money issues to women’s travel issues, and is a great resource for first-time travelers and travel experts alike. One section in particular, the “How-To Travel Guide,” offers tips on everything from how to wash your clothes in a hostel sink to how to find time on your own in a group trip. Everyone can learn something here!

Are you planning a trip?
If you are planning a trip, explore our travel guides that deal with your destination. Our guides are updated and written by travelers, so the information is current and relevant. Our Travel Community is full of people who are widely traveled and who are ready and willing to answer most of your questions. In our experience, the best information comes from other travelers who have been there.

Are you currently on a trip?
You can continue to use our Travel Community to make contacts in the places you are heading next. Even if it is just someone to point you in the direction of a good pub, having a contact in a new place is a great help. Need to book something for the next part of your adventure? Hotels, hostels, airfare, small group adventures, car rentals, travel insurance, Eurail passes – we’ve got you covered, for destinations all over the world. And if you’ve been collecting your own stories and want a place to share them, you can start your own travel blog on BootsnAll or submit travel articles to be published on the site. We always love hearing traveler stories.

Did you just get back?
If you have recently returned from a trip, BootsnAll is a great place to share your experiences. Be a guide and help lead other travelers where the guidebooks do not go. Write a travel story and share the experiences that make travel so much fun. Or, simply contribute to the discussion boards and share those precious nuggets of information you pick up along the way.

How To Get Around

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Once you have had a look around, we’d be keen to hear what you think and any ideas you might have regarding the content and/or layout of the site: Email us – we love hearing from travelers.

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