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Indie travelers love travel research almost as much as traveling. They love having travel information for just about any destination at the ready, in case the mood strikes and they feel like booking a ticket somewhere.

The usual guidebook-type of information has always been available in our online travel guides (popular things to do, where to stay, getting there and around, etc.), but we wanted to take it a step further and cater long-term independent travelers.

Indie travelers enjoy conversing with the locals, slowing down, and learning about the culture of the places they are going to visit, so we added an indie travel tips section to focus on experiences that aren’t typically found in your bookstore guidebooks.

One of the top resources travelers ask for is budget information, so you will see an editor’s budget scale and indie travel rating, but again, we wanted to take it a step further.  We also want your input.  If you’ve been to a certain country or city, then we want you to tell us how much you spent and assign your indie rating to that destination.  You can do this at the top right-hand corner of any our travel guides.

So, for all the travel dreamers, vagabonders, Career Breakers, guidebook lovers, and research junkies, we hope you enjoy our online travel guides as much as we do. As always, we welcome your feedback – and if you find a location that is not as well-covered as you think it should be, you can even submit your own ideas to help fill in the gaps!

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