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Hiking. Trekking. Tramping. Whatever you call it, if you’re someone who loves to get out into the mountains and challenge yourself, then you’re at the right spot. Among other ideas, learn about walking across entire countries, plan a RTW trip around hiking, and find out how you can trek responsibly so your kids and grandkids can enjoy nature the same way we have.

6 Iconic Mountains You Can Climb
6 Iconic Mountains You Can Climb Many of the most famous peaks around the world are only reachable for professionals, but not all of them. Abigail King has done her share of climbing so she lists 6 famous mountains you can probably scale yourself.
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Trekking Nepal – Asia
Trekking Nepal – Asia Demitry Majors explains what trekking Nepal really means - a dream, foreign and obscure, or a not too out of the ordinary experience, especially for one who has been on a long hike.
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