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One of the reasons we love indie travel is because it changes us. It opens our eyes to a larger world, it teaches us about other people and cultures, and it transforms us into the people we are now. If you are an indie traveler, you no doubt have one (or many) transformational travel experiences to share – come read about how travel has transformed these people. If long-term independent travel changed you, share your story with us.

Facing Death: Why One Man Travels to Embrace Life
Facing Death: Why One Man Travels to Embrace Life In November 2012, Tristan Cano was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. Though the operation and radiation were successful, he was told that it would almost certainly come back. With a new outlook on life, Tristan decided to grab life by the horns and start living.
Searching for Summer
Searching for Summer When all other options have been exhausted, Jenni takes a troubled teen to India in an effort to help her get out of her own way and discover who her own best self is.
“Real” Jobs Are Overrated
“Real” Jobs Are Overrated How a trip to Cambodia changed one recent graduate's outlook on life and altered her future.
Travel Breeds Self-Confidence
Travel Breeds Self-Confidence Yamuna Matheswaran finds that essential, elusive ingredient that she has been searching for, when she follows through on an impulsive decision to backpack through Spain.
How Volunteering Changed Me
How Volunteering Changed Me While many travelers to Thailand go to find beautiful beaches and energetic nightlife, Jessica Festa heads to the hills of Chiang Rai to save a village, and find herself.
Downsizing Your Life
Downsizing Your Life How many 'things' do you really need? Meet Jody Hanson, a freelance writer and and editor who can pack all her worldly possessions into one suitcase, a carry-on and a diaper bag.
The Aimless Twenty-Something Life: A Postgrad’s Tale of Travel & Taking Control
The Aimless Twenty-Something Life: A Postgrad’s Tale of Travel & Taking Control Forget a career break -- what if your career hasn't even started? Michael Fraiman writes about the primal decision facing every aimless twentysomething graduate: jump-start your career or run away?
Trading Divorce for Travel
Trading Divorce for Travel It is well known that a decision to travel the world can be life-altering. Jessica Thompson explains how she and her husband chose a trip around the world in the place of an impending divorce.
The 109th Country
The 109th Country On a 2nd class train from Bulgaria to Serbia, William Blomstedt is surprised to meet a 82 year old man from Georgia, USA traveling by himself. Little did he realize that this encounter would change the course of his trip.
From Corporate Tool To Nomadic Idealist
From Corporate Tool To Nomadic Idealist Many people quit their job and travel the world, but Adam Pervez quit his job and travels with the goal of leaving each place better than how he found it.