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Travel blogging has grown from a select few to hundreds to hundreds of thousands, and everyone has a different reason for doing it. Some simply want to have the memories of their trip in electronic form. Some dream of funding their trip by blogging. There’s a lot more to making a living by blogging than setting off with a laptop, so check out the articles we have to see if you have what it takes.

Poetry Really wanna challenge your creativity today? Join us in writing a poem about travel.
Language Learning
Language Learning Knowing the language of the country you're visiting is HUGE. If you were to wake up tomorrow and be fluent in any language, what would it be? Why?
Random Acts of Kindness
Random Acts of Kindness Some of the best travel stories come out of random acts of kindness. Has anyone ever helped you out when you were on the road just because he or she was a good person?
Misbehaving We've all done dumb things, particularly in our younger years. What's the dumbest thing you've ever done while traveling? Would you do it again?
Strange Foods
Strange Foods A big reason many people travel is for the food. How far do you go when trying new and unfamiliar foods when in a new place?
Getting To Know You
Getting To Know You Week 1 of our #Indie30 Art Project is in the books, and we loved reading, watching, and taking in all of your responses. Here are some of our favorites from week 1, and remember, it's NEVER too late to join!
Best Experience
Best Experience Can you single out one travel moment as best? What is your most memorable experience or memory from your travels?
Worst Experience
Worst Experience While travel is mostly amazing, anyone who does it enough will also have some bad experiences, which usually makes for the best stories. Let's hear about your worst travel experiences.
Packing Some people pack heavy. Some pack light. Some love packing. Some hate it. What type of packer are you?
Saving Money
Saving Money Money, or lack thereof, is the biggest excuse we hear from people for why they don't take a big trip. How did you overcome this obstacle? Or if it is still an obstacle, do you have a plan in place to save for travel?