Release Notes for JUL 24, 2014

It has been a while since our last release note. We have made lots of improvements.

Easier account access! Click on your name from just about anywhere on our site to quickly access your account, edit your traveler profile, or get help. From the Account page, you can see your settings at a glance and manage all your options in one place. We have also added a widget on some pages to help you check your status.

Persistent login. Some of you requested to stay logged in to BootsnAll, and we listened. Now you can stay logged in for up to three months. If you do not wish to stay logged in, click your name and select logout. Note: if you are editing a route in Indie, and are idle for over 2 hours, your session will expire. We’re working on improving this.

Mobile-friendly articles! Now you don’t have to scroll back and forth so much to read an article on your phone. If using mobile, find an article at

Our all-new membership page describes the many benefits of joining the BootsnAll community. See it at

Improved Bootsnall Trips! Now you can search Trips to find the ones that interest you most, or filter them for easier browsing.

Trips is a beta service that lets you, our staff, and members of our community work together to plan travel. Our staff makes sure every question gets a quick response from an experienced traveler. Hundreds of trips are listed. Take a look at if you want some travel ideas. If you see any improvements you want, let us know.

Bug fixes and minor changes
Clarified how we collect passenger names on our booking page to reduce the chance of error. Also updated our booking confirmation email to catch more potential name errors before it’s too late.

Fixed the difficulty with changing the number of passengers after running a flight search.

Stopped our chat system from asking for an email address more than once during a chat.

Recalculated map placement to reduce gray bands at top of maps in larger windows.

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Planning a RTW Trip

Click more below to see the recap of yesterday’s #RTWChat on Twitter

For over 15 years we’ve been helping folks get out on the road and travel long-term. It’s why we’re here and do what we do.

Yesterday, we talked about some of the more practical aspects of planning a long-term trip during #RTWChat on Twitter, and as usual, we received some amazing tips and advice.

Check out the recap below, and browse through some of our top planning articles and resources:


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Should You Go On a RTW Trip?

Click more below to see the recap of yesterday’s #RTWChat on Twitter

We think anyone can and should travel long-term at least one time in his or her life. The experience and education one gains from traveling round the world is unmatched anywhere.

In our very first #RTWChat since we made the move to Tuesday, we talked about that very thing – “Should you go on a RTW trip?”

Check out the recap below to see what our community had to say on the matter, and if you’re ready to get to planning yourself, browse through the following articles and resources:


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Extended Travel in Europe

Click more below to see the recap of yesterday’s #RTWChat on Twitter

Europe is one of the most popular regions on the world for international travel, and with good reason. But does that make it a good continent to add to a longer, round the world-type of trip?

We asked questions like those in yesterday’s #RTWChat, and as always, we learned a lot and received tons of great advice about travel in Europe.

Check out the following articles to learn more about traveling in Europe, then check out the recap below!


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