Indie release notes for 24 July 2013

Indie now offers flexible dates search for all routes with 5 legs and more. This was our most-voted-for feature request.

To try it, look for the “flexible dates” button after you click to edit a leg on the flight details page. Clicking the button will return an entire week of flights to choose from (3 days before and after your departure date), with the largest savings highlighted for you.

Our tests with real user routes showed savings from 0% to 17% with an average of 10% for travelers with full flexibility.

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Location Independence – #RTWChat on Twitter

After someone travels long-term for the first time, addiction sets in. Many of us think, “I want to do this all the time!” Then reality sets in, and we realize that in order to do that, we need to have some money. With technology becoming more and more widespread around the world, this is becoming possible by obtaining a location independent job that allows people to work anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection.

We invited Nora Dunn, creator of the site The Professional Hobo, to join us on the video chat yesterday as we talked about location independence. Nora has been a location independent professional since 2007, and she shared tons of knowledge and expertise about the realities of working from the road. Check out the video below, as it has some incredible tips and insight, followed by the recap of the chat on Twitter.

For more information on working remotely, check out the following articles and resources:


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Study Abroad – #RTWChat on Twitter

Yesterday we discussed a popular topic in the travel world – one that is responsible for creating so many travel addicts – studying abroad!

We were excited to have Megan Lee from Go Overseas join us for the video portion of the chat, and she offered some fantastic insight into the world of studying abroad, both from her personal experience of doing it as a student and her knowledge from helping others while working for Go Overseas. Check out the video, then read the recap if you missed the chat.

To read more about studying abroad, check out the following articles:


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