The People You Meet

One of the best things about travel is all the people you meet along the way – from locals to other travelers.

During yesterday’s #RTWChat, we told stories about all the amazing people we’ve met on the road, including which countries have the friendliest (and unfriendliest) people, what pet peeves we have when it comes to other travelers, and stories of being invited to local celebrations.

Check out the recap below to read more!


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Release Notes for AUG 31, 2014

Indie supports multiple tabs! Now you can concurrently run searches, check prices, and book flights using multiple browser tabs and on multiple devices.

Expert Advice button.  If you need expert advice–or would like us to make sure that you fly business or first class–click the Expert Advice button on the flight selector page.


Bug fixes and minor changes

Moved the credit card images on the Indie Checkout page

Fixed a problem with using the embed link on Indie

Fixed/added some airports: FNJ and NCL.

In Trips, removed the date countdown for trips that have passed, and fixed duration for trips that don’t have any dates.


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Career Break Travel

In anticipation of Meet, Plan, Go’s career break event on September 20, we focused on the idea of Career Break Travel in yesterday’s #RTWChat.

If you have event the slightest interest in career breaks, check out the recap below and seriously consider registering for Meet, Plan, Go’s day-long event on September 20. It has a full, money back guarantee, and you’re sure to walk away with a plethora of resources and confidence to make your career break dreams a reality.


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Career Breaks and #RTWChat

If you’ve read about Meet, Plan, Go’s event coming up in New York City on September 20 and want to know more, join us Tuesday, September 2, 2014 on Twitter for our weekly #RTWChat (beginning at 3:30EST).

Sherry Ott, co-founder of Meet, Plan, Go and host of this year’s event, will be joining BootsnAll CEO Sean Keener and BootsnAll editor Adam Seper (all career break veterans) both on Twitter and on a Google + video during the chat to participate and answer any questions you may have.

In addition to the regularly scheduled #RTWChat from 3:30EST – 4:30EST on Tuesday, Sherry, Sean, and Adam will stay online for an extra 30 minutes in the Google+ video to answer any questions you may have about the Meet, Plan, Go event or career breaks in general.

Just send your questions in below in the comments or join us from 4:30EST – 5EST and tweet any questions you have to @BootsnAll or @MeetPlanGo.

Check out the details of #RTWChat here and we’ll see you Tuesday!

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Travel Mishaps

We’ve all had them. We’ve all done something stupid on the road, which at the time is frustrating, but after the fact, they always make for the best stories.

Yesterday on #RTWChat we told stories of travel mishaps – how funny many are now and what we’ve learned from them.

Check out the recap below to see what you missed, and make sure to join us next week on #RTWChat as we discuss career breaks in anticipation of Meet, Plan, Go’s annual event on September 20!


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