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Indie is our Around the World and Complex Multi-Stop International Airfare Engine. We deploy updates and bug fixes weekly. This page shares significant updates.

Indie release notes for FEB 27, 2014

Indie now supports the saving of your customized flight details!

You can still create a route and save it like before. But now, after you search for flights and edit the flight details leg-by-leg (for routes longer than 4 legs), you can save your work.

These flight details are saved in your account. When you return to them, Indie will prompt you to refresh them. If they are still available at the same price, Indie will find them automatically. If any flight is no longer available, Indie will advise you to make a different flight selection for each unavailable leg.

We adjusted the expiration time for search results from 2 hours to 1 hour.

We fixed a few bugs, including some country flags that were not showing properly on Indie.

We re-wrote our code to make use of the updated Mailchimp API and improve our integration.

We made it more difficult for bots to use our services.

We added our first helpful message that comes up while you are waiting for a search.

We officially stopped supporting Internet Explorer 7. Sorry. We support Internet Explorer version 8, 9, 10 and 11.

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Indie release notes for JAN 30, 2014

Indie now instantly shows price estimates for routes as you build them without having to enter dates (no login required). This applies to all routes Indie supports, including routes with up to 25 stops and by-land segments. (example:

The estimates are based on real search results done on Indie by real people and they are shown as a range because prices for flights do fluctuate based on so many factors. The estimates are NOT generated by an algorithm so you can count on them being based in reality for your specific route.

Add 3 legs or more in order to see the instant estimates. Some routes do not show estimates because there isn’t enough data yet. In those cases, just do a search on Indie to get a real price. Your search will add to Indie’s database for estimates.

With this release we also fixed some design issues at certain resolutions for the booking page and thanks pages.

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Indie release notes for JAN 21, 2014

Want advice on your long-term trip? Want crowd-sourced advice? How about both?
From Indie you can now submit your route via the “get advice” icon in the toolbox. Your submission is posted to the brand new “beta” BootsnAll Trips section where you and any member of our community can discuss your trip. (

Our staff is making sure every question gets a quick response from an experienced traveler. We are utilizing for our comments engine to make sure they are as fast and secure as they can be.

We have updated our system to handle 192 or more concurrent flight searches elegantly. This number includes flexible date searches since those are complete searches as well. This will help us handle higher traffic.

We updated our database servers to be larger and faster. There are noticeable speed-ups in some places. We updated two of our backend servers to use solid state drives so they can work faster on database actions as well.

We discovered that some resolutions did not work well for our flight details and booking pages. We fixed them.

We improved the automation of the one-page flight details we send to customers with all their flight info and airline confirmation numbers. These are all crafted by hand to be as readable and useful as possible. That takes time. Now it takes several minutes less time on our part per document so you can get them faster.

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Indie release notes for 7 November 2013

We haven’t posted an update recently because we’ve been focused on improving our internal processes to handle the higher volume of orders we’re experiencing and also expecting in the new year. Below are some updates from this week.

We updated our maps to load faster.

Searches are now about 10% faster. We optimized how search results are inserted in our database; this also allows each server to handle more searches concurrently.

Indie works on more touch-screen devices like smartphones and tablets and those devices in between. We updated our “responsive design” technology to support much smaller screens. Also, the tables with flight details should look better on small screens.

We now accept the Discover card for your purchases in addition to Visa, Mastercard, American Express and wire transfers.

We added and corrected a few airports: IUE, ANU, SCQ and SVD.

We put our phone number at the bottom of each page on Indie so you can call us when you need us.

We made our system more stable and scalable. We completed preparations to update our server configuration for 2 big improvements that you’ll probably never notice. One is to eliminate single-points of failure, so that if any server goes down, our systems will continue to run without downtime. Two is to support automatic creation of new web servers during times of high traffic to handle the new traffic smoothly. We are using Scalr to help with this.


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