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Indie is our Around the World and Complex Multi-Stop International Airfare Engine. We deploy updates and bug fixes weekly. This page shares significant updates.

Release notes for APR 2, 2015

Flight searches on Indie are now up to 25% faster and 14% on average.

This improvement was made possible by another change we made recently. After many months of work, we completed a fundamental change to the technology of how Indie searches and books fares.

This fundamental change will allow us to add more useful search features which we previously could not, such as better control over nearby airports. Stay tuned.

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Release Notes for OCT 31, 2014

Indie was performing poorly on October 15 and 16. We disabled our real-time estimates feature for a few days which fixed the problem. We optimized how they work.  The real-time estimates are live again. was slow for most users on October 19, 20 and 21. We discovered one of our wordpress customizations wasn’t working properly. Once we found the reason, it was easy to get the site back to normal speed. We also upgraded the server on which lives. Much faster now.

Bug fixes and minor changes
We made a bunch of minor design improvements based on user feedback.

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Release Notes for OCT 10, 2014

Usability Improvements
When a flight search returns results, Indie now shows a list of flight details instead of requiring one more click to see those details.

Your login status is automatically maintained across all of your browser’s tabs. No need to click more than once to log back in.

Airline codeshares are now easier to see.

Bug fixes and minor changes
Split the purchaser name field into first and last name on the Indie booking page.

The screen behind all Indie popup windows is now shaded out using the same color.

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Release Notes for OCT 3, 2014

An unexpected server maintenance issue caused many of our sites–Including Indie–to stop working early this week. This also rolled back our security certification to its expired state. Everything is working now.

Bug fixes and minor changes
The “get advice” popup bug fixed: the whole popup window did not display sometimes.

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