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Indie is our Around the World and Complex Multi-Stop International Airfare Engine. We deploy updates and bug fixes weekly. This page shares significant updates.

Release Notes for OCT 10, 2014

Usability Improvements
When a flight search returns results, Indie now shows a list of flight details instead of requiring one more click to see those details.

Your login status is automatically maintained across all of your browser’s tabs. No need to click more than once to log back in.

Airline codeshares are now easier to see.

Bug fixes and minor changes
Split the purchaser name field into first and last name on the Indie booking page.

The screen behind all Indie popup windows is now shaded out using the same color.

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Release Notes for OCT 3, 2014

An unexpected server maintenance issue caused many of our sites–Including Indie–to stop working early this week. This also rolled back our security certification to its expired state. Everything is working now.

Bug fixes and minor changes
The “get advice” popup bug fixed: the whole popup window did not display sometimes.

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Release Notes for SEP 12, 2014

We have a newly updated Fall 2014 Around the World Ticket Report.  The report has been completely revised, with new sections and updated information to help you plan your trip around the world. Learn more.

Highlighted Airport Changes.  Some flights arrive in one airport in a city, and depart from a different airport. We have highlighted the airport change in our Flight Selector and Confirmation pages to make airport changes more clear.

Bug fixes and minor changes
Added a new airport: DRO in Durango, Colorado, USA


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Release Notes for AUG 31, 2014

Indie supports multiple tabs! Now you can concurrently run searches, check prices, and book flights using multiple browser tabs and on multiple devices.

Expert Advice button.  If you need expert advice–or would like us to make sure that you fly business or first class–click the Expert Advice button on the flight selector page.


Bug fixes and minor changes

Moved the credit card images on the Indie Checkout page

Fixed a problem with using the embed link on Indie

Fixed/added some airports: FNJ and NCL.

In Trips, removed the date countdown for trips that have passed, and fixed duration for trips that don’t have any dates.


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