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We try to encourage all people to get out there and travel the world, and we often use our expertise and 15-year history to help others do the same. Check out ways you can help, too.

Chicago Teachers Strike – Things to do for kids

To all the kids in Chicago Public Schools,

G’Day. My name is Sean Keener and I am a Chicago native, though I left long ago.

You probably already know this, but the classroom is not the only place in the world for you to learn like this mother exclaimed.

1:10 p.m. ‘It’s a shame my daughter can’t learn’

– from this Chicago Tribune article

There are millions of places on earth that you can learn, that are actually fun, and have nothing todo with school. Here are just a few off the top of my head.

– Go to the library and find some topics that you are interested in…read.
– Get on the internet – there are more places to learn that you have time left on this earth. Start with the Khan Academy. There are others. Google online learning to start perhaps.
– Walk down your street. Stop talking, start listening. Watch. See what goes on. By just observing, there is so much to learn.
– Museums – Chicago has a ton of them, and they are super fun and interesting. Check them out. It’s probably more fun to learn there than in the classroom.
– Are there any old people on your block that are home all day? Knock on there door and bring them a flower, glass of water and ask them if you can talk to them. Ask them about there life and history. They probably have lots of life experiences both good and bad that you can learn from.
– This is my favorite way to learn – Indie Travel – Getting out and doing Indie Travel in your hometown, or internationally is perhaps the best way to learn. Since you are most likely still under your parents care, this one is a bit harder now, but start dreaming!

Any other ideas out there?

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Passports with Purpose 2011: How You Can Help

BootsnAll began in 1998 out of a desire for community, a need to know that all the good vibes felt while traveling weren’t limited to the time spent on the road. 13 years later, we’ve managed to keep that desire front and center when we work and, in some cases, to turn that work into travel-y good deeds.

This is why the annual Passports with Purpose travel blogging fundraiser is something we love – it’s about community, it’s about travel, and it’s about giving back to the world that we traverse with so much joy.

If you’re new to Passports with Purpose, or unsure of how you can help, here are some links to point you in the right direction.

Not familiar with Passports with Purpose?
Passports with Purpose is a travel blogging fundraiser that’s now in its fourth year. Travel bloggers procure prizes, and during the fundraiser people can donate to that year’s charity in $10 increments. Each $10 donation is an entry to win one of the prizes available. In previous years, PwP has raised enough money to build a school in Cambodia and a village in India – all through the efforts of travel bloggers and their readers contributing $10 at a time.

Want to know more about this year’s beneficiary?
The 2011 Passports with Purpose beneficiary is Room to Read, an organization dedicated to early childhood literacy and getting books into kids’ hands all over the world. This year’s goal is to raise $80,000 to build two libraries in Zambia.

Want to know how you can help?
It’s easy to look at a number like $80,000 and think it’s daunting. Past goals have looked daunting, too, and then we as a travel blogging community have managed to knock them out of the park.

We can do that again this year, but only with your help.

  • Are you a travel blogger? You can host a prize on your blog, tell your readers about Passports with Purpose, promote PwP on social media, and put a PwP badge up on your site.
  • Are you a traveler? You can ask the travel bloggers you like if they’re participating in Passports with Purpose, and be ready to donate (and, fingers crossed, win something!) when the donation page opens on November 30.
  • Are you a company with a prize to donate? You can let the folks at Passports with Purpose know and they’ll help connect you with a travel blogger to work with.

Passports with Purpose is a community-driven effort – it can’t happen without travel bloggers, or donations, or prizes. Each piece is critical. Where do you fit in?

>> Learn more about how you can participate in Passports with Purpose.

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We’re Building a Village in India

As Passports with Purpose comes to a close next week, we’re anxious and excited to see the Build a Village in India “heart” hit the $50,000 goal. It looks like we’re only $5,000 away, and as Passports with Purpose’s Platinum sponsor, BootsnAll is stoked to see the project almost finished. If you haven’t entered yet, you still have about a week to give, and there are a ton of cool prizes up to win too!

This week on BootsnAll

As New Year’s approaches, we’re taking a look at a favorite NYE destination — Las Vegas — with today’s Eat (and Drink!) Your Way Around Las Vegas. Tuesday’s How I Travel is with Dashboard Confessional front man, Chris Carrabba. Later in the week, we’ll check out some extreme travel activities to get your heart pumping, and look at why you should see Vegas in 2011. Still looking for New Year’s Eve travel deals? Check out cheap hotels in Las Vegas and WhyGo Las Vegas’ new guide on How to Visit Vegas on a Budget.

(Photo: PwP)

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