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Meet, Plan, Go! is a nation-wide movement to educate Americans about the idea of a career break. Everyone can benefit from a break in the normal routine, and we tell you how in the following posts.

Career Breaks and #RTWChat

If you’ve read about Meet, Plan, Go’s event coming up in New York City on September 20 and want to know more, join us Tuesday, September 2, 2014 on Twitter for our weekly #RTWChat (beginning at 3:30EST).

Sherry Ott, co-founder of Meet, Plan, Go and host of this year’s event, will be joining BootsnAll CEO Sean Keener and BootsnAll editor Adam Seper (all career break veterans) both on Twitter and on a Google + video during the chat to participate and answer any questions you may have.

In addition to the regularly scheduled #RTWChat from 3:30EST – 4:30EST on Tuesday, Sherry, Sean, and Adam will stay online for an extra 30 minutes in the Google+ video to answer any questions you may have about the Meet, Plan, Go event or career breaks in general.

Just send your questions in below in the comments or join us from 4:30EST – 5EST and tweet any questions you have to @BootsnAll or @MeetPlanGo.

Check out the details of #RTWChat here and we’ll see you Tuesday!

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Need a (Career) Break?

On September 20, 2014, BootsnAll is teaming up with Meet, Plan, Go to offer a day-long career break event.

If you’re dreaming of leaving behind the 9-5 but don’t know where to begin, or you’re knee deep in planning but want some reassurance and tips and advice, this event is for you.

Eventbrite - Meet Plan Go Career Break Travel Event - New York City 2014

There is an amazing cast of travelers and career break experts taking part in this day-long extravaganza, including:

  • Rolf Potts: Long-term travel expert and author of Vagabonding, the book about the benefits of taking a big trip, is the keynote speaker.
  • Sherry Ott: Co-founder of Meet, Plan, Go, Sherry will be the host for the event. We’ve know Sherry since before she set out on her first big career break trip back in 2006. She’s been on the road ever since and brings a wealth of experience and advice on the topic of taking a career break.
  • Rainer Jenss: A reporter for National Geographic’s Intelligent Travel Blog, Rainer took off in 2008-2009 with his wife and two boys for a year-long trip around the world. If you’re an aspiring traveling family, Rainer is your go-to guy to connect with.
  • Katie Aune: A former lawyer and alumni relations/development professional left her fundraising job in 2011 for an epic trip through all 15 countries of the former Soviet Union. Katie is back in Chicago working full-time again and is an excellent source of information for those looking to take a break with the intention of returning to “normal life” again.
  • Jane Stanfield: Interested in volunteering on your career break trip? Jane is the woman you want to talk with then. Jane volunteered on 12 projects in seven countries during her career break trip in 2006, then turned her travel and volunteering passions into a new career.

We’re so confident that this day will offer the kick in the pants you need that if you attend and don’t feel like it was of value, we’ll give you your money back.

Join us on September 20, 2014 and start making your career break travel dreams come true!

Eventbrite - Meet Plan Go Career Break Travel Event - New York City 2014

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Career Breaks – #rtwchat on Twitter

We focused on the topic of Career Breaks this week at #rtwchat! We also continued our new feature to #rtwchat by doing a live, videotaped Google Hangout where two of the co-founders, myself, and Meet, Plan, Go! co-founder and career break guru Sherry Ott discussed each question and some of our favorite answers as they were coming in.

We plan to continue this and invite some of you, the participants, to join us in our discussion. Comment below to tell us your thoughts of this new addition. Cool? Sucks? Suggestions to make it better? Interested in being a guest? Let us know!

The usual, weekly recap of the chat is after the jump.

Recap of #rtwchat on Twitter – October 3, 2012


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Meet, Plan, Go! Austin

I am really excited to be part of the hosts and organizers behind Meet, Plan, Go this year. My partner, Keith Hajovsky, and I are co-hosting the Austin event on October 16, when 9 other cities will also have their own Meet, Plan, Go (MPG) events happening.

Meet, Plan, Go! (MPG) is an organization that is dedicated to helping people fulfill their dreams of really traveling to experience the world, well beyond the two-week vacation. There are MPG groups active in ten cities around North America, and on October 16, 2012. These ten cities will host events that will provide attendees with inspirational speakers, discussion panels, breakaway sessions, resources, and giveaways to help people connect and plan their own extended travel or career break. Many of the resources, and ways that MPG folks travel, are much like the methods that we use and detail in our book — meant to drastically save money, in many cases making world travel far less expensive than remaining at home.

Keith and I attended the Austin MPG event last year, and then early this year we were flattered to be asked to become the co-hosts of this year’s event. For my part, I was motivated to accept hosting because of my passion for travel as a part of life, and even a part of work. If you are really passionate about seeing the world, there is hardly a better way to do so than to craft your life, and work, to make travel a part of it.

Keith says that when we received the opportunity to co-host the Austin 2012 event, it seemed like a natural fit. “Travel has been an extremely positive part of my life for a very long time, and I genuinely believe it has made me a better and happier person. Because of this I’ve always encouraged other people to get out and see the world as much as possible too, and whenever others have asked me for travel advice I’ve always gladly offered to help them as much as I can. We get to help others learn how to travel longer and more deeply and have fun while doing it. What could be better than that?”

The Austin event will be held at Abel’s on the Lake on October 16, beginning at 6:30 pm for mingling, with the program starting at 7 pm. Tickets are only $20 each and include an e-goody bag with all kinds of giveaways and discounts.

Our featured keynote speaker is our friend Jefre Outlaw, who has been traveling the world nonstop for the past three years, visiting 96 countries and 250 cities on six continents. After Jefre’s opening talk about his travels, we will introduce four additional panelists and open the panel to questions and discussion. Our travel experts include:

  • Jefre Outlaw
  • Tiffany and Billy Toomey, who spent a year in Costa Rica, with their four children!
  • Greg Davis, who quit the tech business to travel the world — and subsequently launched a new career as a travel photographer.
  • Jean Warneke and Barbara Baggett, who run JB Journeys and are dedicated to sustainable travel around the world.
  • Sofia Martinez, who as a college student has taken advantage of study abroad opportunities.
  • Jade Whitman, who works for AirBnB and is a consummate backpacker.

“Because we live in a society that doesn’t find value in taking time off, we wanted to create a community for people who want to break out of the norm and travel for an extended period of time,” says MPG co-founder Sherry Ott. “This is the only seminar out there designed for people who are looking to do long term independent travel.”

Check out the official Meet, Plan, Go! Austin page and Meet, Plan, Go! Austin Facebook page for more information. To see if there is a city close to you hosting this event, be sure to visit the Meet, Plan, Go! website for more information.

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Take Advantage of Meet, Plan, Go’s Third Birthday

If you’ve been following BootsnAll for any length of time, you’d know that we work and live our lives by four core values:

  • Embrace Change
  • Make Meaningful Connections
  • Love Learning
  • Work and Play with Passion

These four core values align perfectly with the career break movement started by Sherry, Michaela, and Michael over at Meet, Plan, Go!. How better to embrace change than to make your dreams come true by doing the unconventional and taking a career break trip? If you want to make meaningful connections, MPG has organized monthly meet-ups around the country, culminating in an annual event where you can meet other like-minded people. If you love learning, then there’s plenty of knowledge to be gained by taking a career break and changing the course of your life. And if you work and play with passion, then what better way to do so than by working your ass off to be able to take an extended break to go play around the world?

If you are reading this and nodding your head along, then you are probably the kind of person who wants to take a career break to re-motivate yourself. Meet, Plan, Go is currently celebrating their third anniversary, and during the past three years they have motivated and helped countless Americans get over that mental hurdle needed to do something that isn’t yet ingrained in our society’s thought process.

If taking a career break is something you dream about but don’t think is something you can do, then let the folks at Meet, Plan, Go! help. They have a career break basic training which gives you all the tools necessary to help you take your own career break. And to celebrate their three-year anniversary, they are offering 33% off their career break basic training class through the end of March. In addition to the discount, they are also offering $175 in discounts and coupons to AirTreks and Intrepid Travel to save yourself some money once you do get on the road.

If you are sitting in your gray cubicle wondering if this is all there is to life, then it might be time for a break, no matter where you are in your career. Getting over those mental hurdles is tough to overcome, so take advantage of the expertise available to you. These people are just like you and me – normal people with normal jobs and normal lives who simply decided that enough was enough. If you want to take back control of your life, this is the first step to doing so.

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