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BootsnAll is launching new articles, series, services, and products throughout the year to help indie travelers plan their trips. This is the place to find out what’s new around the BootsnAll Travel Network.

Why Go to South-East Asia on your Indie/RTW Trip?

When planning and RTW or Long-term Indie Trip, figuring out where to go on this globe is a question that we have heard 1000s of times.

Where should I go? Why?

With a budget, and only so much time, decisions need to be made.

With this problem in mind, we’ve totally recontructed our Indie Travel Guide pages to answer this one question:

“Why should I go to XXXX Location”

Check out our first crack at this for the following South-East Asia Destinations.

Little surveys will pop-up after you start reading. Please fill them out and let us know what you think. Even if you think they suck! We wanna know.

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Announcing New Traveler Profiles

When planning a trip, have you ever wished that you could easily find someone you can related to, inspire you, and offer tips for your big trip?  As travelers, we’re all different – we may all have the same love for travel, but some of us travel solo, some as a couple, some with families, some as retirees.  Some dig adventure travel, hiking, and trekking.  Some love some good beach time.

The point is that we’re all different, and finding someone who shares your same interests makes trip planning that much easier and more exciting.  Enter our new Traveler Profiles.

One of the best parts of traveling is meeting other people, and these new traveler profiles aim to connect travelers with each other.  Need some help planning a solo trip, sort the profiles by solo travelers, and you have a bounty of people who have already done it.  Eager to find our more about India, find out who has claimed India as their favorite country, and voila, you have a list of people to read about and get in touch with.

These traveler profiles give you yet another way to connect with other travelers.  Each profile is linked to his or her respective Facebook pages, Twitter handles, and travel blogs.  There is also a trip itinerary function where you can pull up a map of each person’s round the world trip.  From there you can price that particular trip or customize one of your own and check out rtw airfare prices.

Check out all the new traveler profiles, and if you like what you see, share them with your various social networks, and then fill one out yourself!



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Is a Round the World Trip Right for Me? (Free Webinar)

Do you dream about traveling around the world?

Do you want to get away from your daily routine?

Do you feel as though something might be missing from your life?

Are you ready to change your view of life?

Do you want to challenge yourself?

Join us for a small gathering hosted by Adam Seper, BootsnAll’s editor, with the goal of giving you the confidence to realize that a round the world trip is a realistic possibility and not just a far-fetched dream.

This webinar is being offered at two separate times and is first come, first serve with a limit of 5 people per session.  The events will be hosted on:

  • Tuesday,  July 10 at 8 EST (7 CST and 5 PST), and
  • Tuesday, July 17 at 8 EST (7 CST and 5 PST)

Sign up here


This event will be hosted on Google Hangouts using Google +


I look forward to helping everyone get over that hump and start planning that big trip.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me at


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Introducing the Summer Edition of the Around the World Airfare Report

Back in the spring we published a free downloadable report on the state of round the world (RTW) airfare around the world.  The idea was to offer travelers a comprehensive report comparing the different options out there for RTW airfare – including the DIY model of buying one-way tickets to get yourself around the world.

Download the summer version of the Around the World Airfare Report for free here!

Almost as soon as we were finished with the first edition, we began thinking about version two. We thought about what we learned from our research and writing of the first report, listened to feedback from you, our readers, and started researching this version.

There are some differences in this report, largely the introduction of specific search features and prices for round the world tickets from three different countries – the United States, the UK, and Australia. Instead of searching all the same companies for each departure point, like we did last time, we found companies in each country and worked with them, trying to simulate as best we could what a real search would look like.

Again we posed as customers to get the most accurate look at what you as travelers would experience when shopping for a RTW ticket. We also came up with two separate routes to search from each departure point – one a less complex, 6 flight RTW route with a few out of the way places (Reykjavik and Moscow) and one a more complex, 11 flight (plus 3 overland segments) RTW route with several out of the way places (Ushuaia, Sibu, and Ulan Bator).

The reason we chose to add these out of the way places to each route was to challenge each provider and see how they would respond. Some responded well and had no issues at all with the complex routes or destinations that aren’t usually seen on RTW tickets. Some companies fell flat and simply stopped responding when the route proved too difficult.

Another customer concern after the last report was released was the accuracy of the DIY method of buying one-way flights. We used Kayak to check prices for this method, and since Kayak serves as more of a flight search engine that uses other sites to actually book their flights, there were concerns that we weren’t clicking through all the way to get the most accurate price.

While we did indeed click through to the booking site in the first version, this time we took it a step further and recorded the initial price quoted on Kayak and the final price on the site where the ticket could actually be booked. The average difference turned out to be miniscule (a 3.65% difference between quoted price and final price).

The last main difference between this new, summer version of the report and the version we published in the spring is that we didn’t search directly with any of the airline alliances (oneworld, Star, and SkyTeam). There were a few reasons for this. First, we had difficulty dealing directly with the alliances last time and getting prices back on the routes we searched. Mainly this was because the routes we came up with didn’t adhere to their many rules and the customer service reps didn’t seem very knowledgeable with RTW routes.

Second, we learned that if, as a customer, you want to use the alliances (either because you have lots of miles you want to cash in or you want to earn lots of miles with a particular airline), it’s usually going to be easier to go through a travel agent who specializes in using the alliances. They have the expertise to fit your route within their stated rules, so we figured it would be easier to add more travel agents to the search in this version. But sometimes it’s apparent that a particular route simply can’t fit within those rules. The simpler the route, the better the chance of using one of the alliances.

So go ahead and download this new version of the report. After you read through it, we’d love to hear what you think. You can either leave a comment on this post or post your own review on the Around the World Airfare Report review page.

Happy travels!

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BootsnAll Homepage Redesign

Y’know how when you move the furniture around in your house that it feels brand new? You own the same stuff, and you live in the same place, but that reorganization helps you find the most important things more easily and makes you feel 10 years younger? Okay, maybe that last part doesn’t really apply to reorganizing your living room, but BootsnAll’s recent homepage redesign has given us quite a boost.

You’ll still find the massive archive of information that we’ve built up since 1998 – we haven’t gotten rid of anything – but now our front door is more streamlined, and it’s easier to find what you’re looking for. Here’s a shot of the fancy new homepage that we love so much:

Going somewhere? Destinations are listed on the left. Planning a multi-stop trip? The trip planner is on the right. Looking for some travel inspiration? The feature article of the day is highlighted in the middle. In addition to the daily featured article, you’ll also find a few other things highlighted in the middle of the new homepage – including our free round-the-world ticket report and profiles of long-term travelers, both of which help fuel your travel dreams.

Scroll a bit further down and you’ll see one featured destination, a RTW travel tip of the week, and adventure travel ideas. And if you want to browse even further, the menu at the top grants you access to the archive of BootsnAll travel articles, directories to search and book hostels or flights, the BootsnAll travel message boards, the company blog, and the Indie Travel Manifesto.

We hope this redesigned homepage makes your BootsnAll experience better, and of course we’re always eager to hear your feedback. What do you like about the new homepage? Anything bother you about the new design? Whether you now realize you can get where you want to go much more quickly or you’re frustrated because you can’t find something you used to see on the front page, let us know. Leave a comment on this post or send us a message through our feedback center.

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