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This Week on BootsnAll: A Toast to the New Year

The holiday season is filled with parties and festivities shared with family and friends, with good food, good drinks, and good cheer. So what better time than now to take a look at how the world celebrates with a cold beer, a stiff drink, or glass of wine?

This week on BootsnAll, we’ll take a look at some drinks you shouldn’t miss on your travels and learn about drinking traditions around the world.


Read more about drinks and travel:

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This Week on BootsnAll: The Best of the Year

2011 is almost over, and as the year draws to a close, we like to not only look back at some of the highlights of the previous year, but also to look ahead to what we think will be the best of the year to come.

So this week, we’re wrapping up 2011 with some round ups of the best of our content. We’ll share what we think are the best destinations for indie travelers in 2012, and highlight the best posts from our WhyGo sites, the best articles in our Round the World Wednesday column, and the top ten overall feature articles of the year.

But before we move on to this year’s best, check out some of our best content from 2010! 

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This Week on BootsnAll: Exploring North America

Too often, when we think of travel we focus on the foreign, the far away, the exotic. And while of course we all love discovering cultures and places that are so different from our own, we sometimes forget that we may not have to travel that far to do so. Right here in the US and Canada there is a surprising amount of diversity in the landscape, the food, the history and the culture. We’ve got big cities, small towns, white sand beaches, jagged mountains, and rolling plains. North America is huge, beautifully and culturally rich, and we’re going to spend this week exploring more of it.

We’ll check out Coastal California, laid-back Mazatlan, and cooler-than-you-think Toronto. We’ll even take a culinary tour of the US via its sandwiches, checking out what to eat in various cities around the country.

But first, learn more about travel in North America:

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This Week on BootsnAll: Holiday Shopping Guides

Happy “Cyber Monday,” shoppers! Unless you’re like my husband (who hates last-minute holiday shopping so much that he starts buying gifts in September) there’s a good chance you haven’t even begun to shop for your holiday gifts for this year. If you have a traveler or two on your list, we’re here to help.

This week is all about the gifts, with ideas for everyone from your business partner who is always on the road to your girlfriends who love Vegas to your cousin who is spending next semester studying abroad to your friend who just had a baby but still plans to travel as a new parent.

We’ve got gift ideas for RTW travelers, career break travelers, adventure travelers, and business travelers, as well as a great list of ideas for people who love or frequently travel to a certain destination. So if you’re looking to get inspired, stay tuned this week for all the ideas you’ll need to stuff a stocking or fill Santa’s bag.

Here are a few ideas to get you started: 

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This Week on BootsnAll: Let’s Talk Food

It’s Thanksgiving week, and while this time of year always has us thinking back on what we’re thankful for, it’s also a time of year when food – and the gatherings and celebrations that happen around it – seems to take center stage. So this week we’re leading up to the big turkey feast with some foodie finds to get your stomachs rumbling.

First up we’ll take a visual tour of some of Istanbul’s best street food and local delights, then we’ll reveal some strange – and sometimes unappetizing – dessert concoctions that are surprisingly delicious. We’ll revisit our calendar of tasty local treats you should try in season around the world, and cap off the week with more desserts you should seek out while traveling.

Hungry for more now? Here’s an appetizer to start you off!

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