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This Week on BootsnAll: Island Travel

Much of the US may be experiencing sweltering heat lately, but that hasn’t stopped us from thinking about escaping to the islands. At least there we’d get away from the baking sidewalks and hot exhaust of the city; we could even cool off from the heat with a dip in the ocean or a fabulous pool! This week we’re exploring the many islands of the world.

First up, we’re checking out some amazing – and unknown to many – islands right here in the US. Then we’ll head to Hawaii to discover a few adventures that are not on most tourist’s radars. From there, we’ll check out some of the best islands of the Atlantic Ocean, and then explore the different worlds that exist on each of the Canary Islands.

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This Week on BootsnAll: Business Travel

Business travel accounts for a large portion of the travel industry’s revenue every year. Thanks to movies like “Up in the Air” many of us now envision business travelers as jetsetting playboys, racking up miles and living glamorous, yet lonely lives as they rush from airport to airport. Of course, the reality is much less interesting, and many business travelers consider time spent on flights and in transit as just a necessary part of the job.

Still, business travelers always seem to have inside tips on how to make a flight more pleasant and how to minimize times at the airport so even if your job doesn’t require you to travel, you can still learn a lot from business travelers.

This week, we’re uncovering their secrets and sharing some top tips that can apply to leisure travelers as well. Tuesday we’ll take a look as some of the reasons you should actually enjoy your next flight, and later in the week, we’ll round up 53 of the best travel tips from business travelers. And on Wednesday, Adam Seper will reveal several excellent non-travel resources that you can use to make your RTW trip better.

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This Week on BootsnAll: Mediterranean Destinations

Ah, the Mediterranean. Few places so capture the idea of a classic (and oh so classy) European beach vacation. With azure waters and coastlines dotted with tiny hamlets and seaside cities, the Mediterranean region is one of the most beautiful in Europe. Bordering a dozen countries in Europe (Spain, France, Italy, and Croatia among the more popular) as well as several in Asia and Africa, it conjures images of lazy days at the beach followed by cool nights dining on fresh seafood to a soundtrack of crashing waves.

But not every adventure in the Mediterranean region fits this mold. So this week we’re exploring the area a bit more thoroughly, from the classic and cliched to the undiscovered and unusual.

First up, we’ll check out the “other side” of the French Mediterranean with a look at five lesser known destinations in Southern France. Then we’re off to Sardinia to seek out the best of this rugged and less-visited island. On Wednesday, Adam Seper will show you how you can include Europe on your RTW trip – without breaking the bank. Later in the week, we’ll discover some of the best Mediterranean islands and then learn about some interesting – and unknown to many – prehistoric sites around the world.

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This Week on BootsnAll: Grab the Kids and Hit the Road!

Happy 4th of July! If your family is anything like mine was, the 4th of July meant piling in the family’s wood-paneled station wagon and heading “up north” to a cabin in Michigan or driving a few hours to explore the more southern states. It was all about the road trip for us back then, just as it is for many families today. But if you’re anxious to take your family vacation beyond the road trip, stay tuned this week for great tips, advice and inspiration for planning an epic adventure with your kids.

Tomorrow, we’ll give new parents the scoop on traveling with an infant, including what to buy and pack, tips for scoring the best seat on the plane, and how to get around with a baby in tow. On Wednesday, Adam Seper talks to families who have taken their kids on a round the world trip and explains the benefits of a nomadic life with children.

If you’re dreams aren’t as grand as an RTW, stop by Thursday to get tips on how to make any family vacation easier and more fun, and on Friday, satisfy your sweet tooth with a look at great destinations for chocolate lovers of all ages.

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This Week on BootsnAll: The Great Outdoors

This week on BootsnAll, we’re celebrating the the great outdoors and summer adventure. After the cold, dreary days of winter, it’s time to get outside and explore the world. Now that summer is here, we’re ready to hit the beach go for a hike, camp under the stars and soak in all the fresh air and sunshine we possibly can!

Today, we checked out some of the best places in the US to hike, whether you’re a novice hiker or an old pro. Tomorrow we’ll explore some awesome southern beach towns around the country, and on Thursday we’ll unearth some things you didn’t know about eco-tourism.

And don’t forget to stop by for Round the World Wednesday, as Adam Seper debates two styles of RTW trips: the planned trip vs a more spontaneous adventure. If you’re planning your trip and unsure how much to plan or leave flexible, don’t miss these tips!

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