Plan Your RTW Trip in 30 Days – Family Edition

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Receive the tools you need for the ultimate field trip!

Receive the tools you need for the ultimate field trip!

30 emails in 30 days to help your family plan the adventure of a lifetime.

Fed up with hectic schedules and trying to juggle work, school, soccer practices, and dance recitals? Ready to get far away from the daily grind of normal life? RTW30: Family Edition is designed to help families head off on the ultimate field trip! While one-week family road trips and Disney vacations are fun options for travel-loving families, we want to help those looking to take it a step further.

If you’re trying to wrap your heads around how to plan such an excursion for an entire clan of people, then this is the course for you. All topics are geared towards long-term family travelers, like where to go, budgeting, adjusting your expectations, road schooling, visas and immunizations, and how to break the news to Grandma and Grandpa, among others. Complete the action step outlined each day, and your family will be prepared for the ultimate adventure!

Here is a sample of topics covered in the Family Edition of RTW30:

Day 4
Where To Go?
Day 6
Estimating Budget
Day 8
Slow Travel
Day 14
Road Schooling Kids
Day 14
Family Travel Insurance
Day 19
Family Packing List
Day 20
Accommodation With Kids
Day 23
Staying Healthy

"What incredible information! I am taking my two teenage daughters for 6 months of slow travel. I even got 6 months of leave from my job. I may be the luckiest person alive. Your information really inspired and encouraged me to take this adventure at age 45. Thank you for all your hard work!"

"This program was amazing. I saved every single email to reference back to since the trip is so far away, but I can't thank you enough for the spread sheets, my husband and I know exactly what we need to do to work towards what we want!"

"I would have really benefitted from reading this thirty years ago when it would have definitely been useful to me as we embarked on our first RTW with children in tow. Now, after having travelled widely and planned, and taken, at least ten RTW trips with my wife and I, the information is truly affirmative. Really great stuff, thanks."

Time together makes memories that last a lifetime!

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