Plan Your RTW Trip in 30 Days – Sabbatical Edition

Round-The-World 30 Sabbatical is a FREE thirty day email series designed to help you plan your Sabbatical

It’s more than just changing jobs – it’s changing your life!

It’s more than just changing jobs – it’s changing your life!

If you are looking to change careers, need a break from your current job or want to re-examine your life goals, a career break trip can help you find the answers you are looking for.

Meet, Plan, Go and BootsnAll have teamed up to offer this free 30-day program that teaches how to plan such a big trip. Topics include staying motivated, negotiating a sabbatical or time away, multi-stop vs. buy-as-you-go fare planning, determining a budget, finding insurance, deciding your itinerary, and how to find a job when you return. You’ll also receive an extensive Career Break planning checklist to help you stay on track.

We cover topics important to any career breaker, including resources and tips for your home, career, and the trip itself. In addition, we’ve tapped into some of the best experts in their fields to help you as well – including career break veterans who are eager to share their experiences. We’ll help cut through all of the internet noise and simply have the basics of what you need to know specifically about planning career break travel.

Here are some topics covered in the RTW30 Sabbatical Edition:

Day 5
Cutting Expenses
Day 8
Making Your Trip Resume Worthy
Day 19
Choosing The Right Bag For You
Day 22
What To Do With Your Housing?
Day 24
Planning Your Return To The Workforce
Day 25
Automate Your Finances
Day 26
How To Stay Safe On The Road
Day 28
What Banks And Credit Cards Are Best For Travel?
Day 29
Working On The Road
Day 30
Staying Connected And Starting A Blog

It’s more than just changing jobs – it’s changing your life!

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