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FAQ – Overland Travel In Europe

Is The Eurail The Best Way To Get Around Europe?

Yes and no. There is no doubt the Eurail is the most efficient, vast, and comfortable train system in the world. There’s nothing better than whizzing around Europe in a clean and comfy train. The only downside? The high price. Passes are available, and if you are a student under 25, prices go down quite a bit. Depending on how far your route is and how long you plan to travel in Europe, it is often cheaper to fly on a budget airline like Ryanair.

Are There Other Forms Of Overland Transport In Europe?

  • Buses are available in most of Europe and offer a cheaper overland option from the trains. They will most likely be slower and less comfortable, but sometimes this is your only option for seeing more rural and off the beaten path areas. Hop on hop off tickets are also available in certain regions.
  • Car rental and hire is another option, though it will put a dent in the budget. The roads throughout most of Europe are much better than developing areas of the world, so it’s much easier and safer to rent a car here than in, say, Africa. That being said, navigating an old, large, crowded city can be challenging.

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