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Author: Sean Keener

Overland Travel In Europe

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When people think of traveling around Europe, they think of the Eurail, and with good reason. Using the fastest and most efficient rail network in the world is a great way to see much of the continent. Whizzing around on high speed trains, gazing out the window at the Swiss Alps, or the French countryside, or the spinning windmills of Holland are a romantic way of seeing Europe.


There are so many pass options for the Eurail that it become dizzying at times. You can get single country passes, 2 country passes, 3 country passes, even passes that encompass all of Europe. The passes can also be bought based on length of time you’ll be there, and there all types of discounts and flex passes available. If you are a student under 26, then the prices are significantly lower, in some cases hundreds of dollars can be saved, so take advantage.
Prices vary based on so many factors, but here’s a sampling of pass prices for adults (remember to check for discounts if you are under 26).
Global Pass– The Global Pass lets you travel through over 20 European countries, and you options galore:

  • 15 day Pass-$797 – This gives you unlimited travel for 15 consecutive days; good for those looking to move quickly and see a lot.
  • 3 month Pass-$2204 – This gives you unlimited travel for 3 straight months.
  • 10 days in 2 months Flexipass – $940 – This gives you the opportunity to travel for 10 days in a two month period; good for those who will move slowly.

Single Ride Tickets
As stated, there are many options, so make sure you look into all available options. Single ride tickets are also available, so passes aren’t necessary if you plan on traveling around Europe with an open itinerary.

Other Forms Of Transportation In Europe

Remember that Europe has several budget airlines like RyanAir and Easy Jet. You can often find a flight that is comparable or even cheaper than the same train ride. Be sure to check before booking any trains.
Because of the popularity of the Eurail, many travelers don’t even think about looking into bus travel or renting a car, both of which may be cheaper than taking the trains around. Buses may be cheaper, but expect them to take longer and not be quite as comfortable. Renting a car is a better option here than in other regions of the developing world, but it can get pretty pricey. And keep in mind that driving in big, cosmopolitan cities can be quite challenging.
Don’t forget to check out the FAQ’s on the same subject, which asks all the right questions and offers tons of great information for getting around the world on the ground (or in some cases, over water).
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