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Author: Sean Keener

After your Round the World Trip

Search a Multi-Stop Route

Coming home after an extended trip around the world can present you with as much as a culture shock as your first night in the Patpong District of Bangkok. This section gives you an outlet to learn to cope with and share your experiences, as well as resources to start planning that next trip.

Ultimate Guide to Coming Home

Where is home? How much money do you need saved up? Where are you going to work? Live? All are things you’ll have to consider before ending your trip.

What Is Reverse Culture Shock?

Reverse culture shock can be worse than the culture shock you experienced while you were traveling in foreign cultures.

The Worst Part About Reverse Culture Shock

One RTW traveler’s opinion on the worst part of reverse culture shock upon coming home from his trip.

Dealing With Wanderlust Now that You’re Home

You’re going to want to travel again once you’re back home and settled. How to deal with that wanderlust now that you’re not traveling long-term anymore.

Staying Active in the Community

Staying active in the community is one way to combat all those post-trip blues.

Write Travel Articles

Want to relive parts of your trip or share some hard-earned advice? Write for BootsnAll.

RTW Traveler Interview

Fill out a traveler profile so you can meet other travelers and help those out who are planning their own epic RTW adventure.

Talk to Other Travelers

Don’t forget to check out our travel forums.

Round-the-world tickets

Book your round the world plane tickets with Indie, BootsnAll’s multi-stop, international airfare site.

Cheap International Air Fare

Search for cheap international airfare.

TEFL Courses: Teach and Travel

Want to teach English to make some money while you’re traveling? Find out how.


Hostels are a popular place to stay while traveling around the world, and they aren’t just for young travelers.

Travel Insurance

You’re going to need travel insurance while you’re away. Check out the best rates.

Eurail Passes

Heading to Europe? Book a Eurail pass.

Search a Multi-Stop Route