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Updated Summer, 2017 .

What is RTW and can I do it?

  • What the *@!$ is RTW Travel? – What does R-T-W stand for? How do we define RTW travel?
  • Debunking Myths of Travel – There are plenty of myths out there that will discourage you from thinking RTW travel is possible. We tell you why it’s not crazy.
  • Who Goes On RTW Trips? – RTW travelers come in all shapes and sizes. It’s not just for young 20-somethings and Europeans.
  • The First-time Traveler – Not all RTW travelers are super-experienced. You don’t have to have already been all over the world to take a RTW trip.

 Inspirations Articles

If you need a little kick in the pants to help you start planning your dream trip, check out these inspirational articles:

Friends of BootsnAll

Check out this collection of blogs from trusted FOB’s (Friends of BootsnAll). These are people we’d send our moms to!

  • RTW Travel Blogs – Travel blogs have blown up over the last decade. Here are some of our favorite blogs dedicated to RTW travel. If you want to be included, shoot us a message.

Travel Planning Resources


  • Indie – BootsnAll’s automated, multi-stop airfare search and booking engine. Plan and price out your trip here, and if you find something you like, book it!
  • AirTreksPart of the BootsnAll Travel Network since 2013, AirTreks team of travel planners will help you craft the route and airfare for your big trip.

Travel Insurance:

  • Travel Insurance – You’re going to need travel insurance while you’re away. Check out these comparison charts to find the company best for you.


  • Airbnb: The leaders in rental properties all over the world, Airbnb allows you rent rooms from people or entire houses/apartments/condos. A great accommodation resource for long-term travelers.
  • VRBO: They don’t have quite the same worldwide network as Airbnb, and you can’t rent rooms, only entire places, but VRBO is still a great resource if you’re looking to go the rental route.
  • Flipkey: Owned by Trip Advisor, Flipkey has rental properties all over the world.
  • Hostelworld: One of the three main hostel consolidator sites. It pays to check all three to get the lowest price, and it’s also smart to search the hostel website itself (if it has one).
  • Hostelbookers: This allows you to book both hostels and hotels.
  • The third of three biggest hostel booking sites
  • This is a good consolidator site if you’re looking for hotels.
  • An alternative to Airbnb, they only offer homestays, where you will be connected with someone opening their home to you and offering a room.
  • Trusted Housesitters: They charge a fee ($9.92/month), but if you can find a gig housesitting and/or petsitting for someone, you won’t be paying for accommodations. You will be expected to do things like take care of pets, water plants, and do some house work, but in exchange for free accommodation, this a great experience for long-term travelers.
  • MindMyHouse: Same idea as above, MindMyHouse allows you to join for $20, total!

Tour Companies:

  • Intrepid Travel: Specializing in small group tours all over the world, Intrepid has been a trusted partner of BootsnAll for many years. They really know their stuff, and if you’re a person who doesn’t normally do tours, Intrepid is a great company to start with.
  • Peregrine: Part of the Intrepid family, Peregrine also specializes in small group adventures.
  • Geckos: Also part of the Intrepid family, Geckos specializes in adventures for 18–29-year-olds.
  • National Geographic: Using the resources this historic company has at their disposal, they create tours to over 80 destinations spanning all seven continents.
  • Global Basecamps: Another great tour company for independent travelers looking for a customized experience.
  • Extraordinary Journeys: A tour company specializing in luxury journeys.

Overland Travel:

It’s getting easier and easier to find information on overland travel around the world, as even the most developing of countries are designing websites allowing you to book things like trains and buses online. While it’s almost always going to be less expensive to go to the train/bus station yourself in a destination, it pays to at least see what resources are out there that allow you to research costs, travel times, and if you are able to book online.

  • Rome2Rio: An invaluable resource for long-term travelers, Rome2Rio allows you to plug in any two cities from around the world, and it gives options for all travel between the two – by air, by bus, by train, by car, by boat – along with estimated costs and travel times. A great planning tool!
  • Seat 61: A fantastic resource for train travel around the world. Seat 61 offers practical information on train journeys along with fares and how to buy tickets.

Search a Multi-Stop Route