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Why Go Around the World?

How does quitting your job and heading out onto the open road sound? This section is all about giving you the kick in the pants to get started on making your travel dreams come true.

Why Go Around the World?

Why Go Around the World?

Make your travel dreams happen

What is RTW and can I do it?

  • What the *@!$ is RTW Travel? – What does R-T-W stand for? How do we define RTW travel?
  • Debunking Myths of Travel – There are plenty of myths out there that will discourage you from thinking RTW travel is possible. We tell you why it’s not crazy.
  • Who Goes On RTW Trips? – RTW travelers come in all shapes and sizes. It’s not just for young 20-somethings and Europeans.
  • The First-time Traveler – Not all RTW travelers are super-experienced. You don’t have to have already been all over the world to take a RTW trip.
  • RTW Travel: A Decade of Changes – RTW travel sure has changed in the last decade. Luckily for you, it’s changed for the better.
  • Why They Went – Check out these personal stories of why they decided to travel the world.

Traveler profiles

The best way to realize that you can travel the world is to look at others for inspiration.  Round the world travelers come from all walks of life – check out everyone who has filled out a traveler profile for proof.

Travel Blogs

Check out this collection of our favorite travel blogs dedicated to round the world travel.

  • RTW Travel Blogs – Travel blogs have taken off in popularity over the last five years. Here are some of our favorite blogs dedicated to RTW travel. If you want to be included, shoot us a message.

RTW Travel Tips and FAQ’s

  • RTW Tips – If you just want short and sweet tips from people who have traveled the world, this is the place for you.
  • Traveling Around the World FAQ – If you’re on the fence about taking a round the world trip, you no doubt have tons of questions. Here’s an FAQ dedicated to long-term travel.

Trip Planning Resources

  • Round-the-world tickets – Book your round the world plane tickets.
  • Cheap International Air Fare – Search for cheap international airfare.
  • Hostels – Hostels are a popular place to stay while traveling around the world, and they aren’t just for young travelers.
  • Travel Insurance – You’re going to need travel insurance while you’re away. Check out the best rates.
  • Eurail Passes – Heading to Europe? Book a Eurail pass.
  • BootsnAll Community Forum – Don’t forget about our message boards, which are always filled with a wealth of information.

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