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RTW Travel Blogs

Blogs are an extremely popular way of chronicling your journeys. You can keep up with friends and family back home, and you can share your story with dreamers who are sitting in their cubes, hopefully planning their own RTW trip.
We have collected our favorite travel blogs on the web and organized them into categories to help you choose the ones that speak best to you. So grab a cup of coffee, a beer, or a glass of wine, and get ready to be inspired by those who have already done it, are doing it as we speak, or are in the planning stages.

Independent Travel

  • A Dangerous Business – A small town Ohio girl trying to balance a normal life of job, friends, and family with an unquenchable lust for travel.
  • Almost Fearless – Travel, adventure, and mishaps in a beautiful and bizarre world.
  • A Pair of Panties and Boxers – Traveling doesn’t always mean leaving the country. It doesn’t mean you have to leave your home. Home is where the heart is. Traveling is leaving your bubble, your comfort zone.
  • Art of Backpacking – Backpacking is about simplicity. It’s cutting the unnecessary and going for what really counts; experiences. It’s not only a way to travel, it’s a lifestyle.
  • Around the World “L” – Lillie is a teacher in Boston who is learning through travel.
  • As We Travel – Nathan and Sofia are full time travelers helping anyone travel the world.
  • Backpacking Matt – Matt offers travel advice, inspiration, and ideas to the budget conscious traveler or backpacker.
  • Bright Orange Pillowcase – Sally has traditionally been an avid researcher and planner, but this time she has decided to hand over control of her trip to her readers.
  • Dave’s Travel Corner – Over the past 16+ years our core focus has been promoting experiential travel; our readers are actively interested in a wide range of travel experiences across a variety of budgets.
  • Fox Nomad – Anil’s goal is to teach you the tips, tricks, and tech you can use to travel smarter – no matter where you go or how you travel.
  • Go Backpacking – Dave traveled the world and now lives as an expat
  • Hop and Jaunt – Follow our blog as we hop and jaunt from place to place with only life as a destination.
  • I Should Log Off – Adventures & Travel around the world.
  • LandLopers – Exploring the World – One Adventure at a Time
  • Freeborn Travelling Photography Project– A culmination of my love of people, travel and photography
  • Migrationology – Cultural travel adventures and street food dining.
  • Rolf Potts’ Vagabonding – A collection of advice and articles from one of the top travel writers in the world.
  • Tourist 2 Townie – Travel Deeper with Gareth Leonard on his quest to go from tourist 2 townie in latin america one mission at a time.
  • The Traveling Editor – Dylan is the editor of his own destiny – just as one is the master of his fate and captain of his soul.
  • Undiscovered Sunsets – There are too many things I haven’t done yet, too many sunsets I haven’t seen
  • Wandering Earl – A permanent nomad who has been traveling since 1999.
  • Velvet Escape – Go explore. Experience. And be inspired.
  • Y Travel Blog – It’s all about the memories and Craig and Caz have been traveling and living around the world since 1997.

Gap Years and Career Breaks

  • Career Break Secrets – Your home for fun and informative advice for your often-dreamed-about career break, sabbatical, or adult gap year.
  • Gap Year Escape – All you need to know about taking a gap year from those who have done it.
  • Meet, Plan, Go! – Inspiration and advice, with annual events held across North America, for planning your career break or sabbatical.
  • Otts World – Travel and experiences of a corporate American runaway.

Solo Travel

  • Twenty-Something Travel – Why wait to see the world?
  • The Absolute Travel Addict – April shares stories, tips, reviews, and advice from her travel obsessed life as a brown girl, traveling solo while balancing her profession and passions.
  • The Adventures of D – The Adventures of D documents Diana’s time abroad as she navigates her 30-Life-Crisis with humor, excitement and lessons learned about life … and living.
  • A Little Adrift – Follow Shannon as she works, volunteers, and travels as a solo woman around the world.
  • Adventurous Kate – Follow Kate’s solo female travel blog.
  • Bacon is Magic – Living life with a different set of rules.
  • Brooke vs. the World – A thrifty traveler and experience collector, Brooke has traveled the world solo and now lives as an expat in Australia.
  • Everything Everywhere – Gary has one of the most popular travel blogs in the world. Check out his journeys over the past 4 years.
  • Fluent in Frolicking– This solo female traveler left her life in San Francisco for a life on the road.
  • Go Backpacking – Dave has traveled all over the world solo and now calls Colombia home.
  • Go, See, Write – Tales of overland adventure from a former Arkansas attorney.
  • Katie Going Global – Follow Katie on her journey through all the countries of the former Soviet Union.
  • My Grateful Journey – In September 2010 Mike stepped away from his day-to-day life in Los Angeles and without a plan, time frame, or knowing anyone, bought a one-way ticket to Australia.
  • Nomadic Chick – Putting the gypsy back into travel and life.
  • Solo Female Traveler – Tips and advice for traveling as a solo female.
  • Solo Traveler – Janice has the most comprehensive site for solo travelers.
  • Stop Having a Boring Life – A “this could happen” blog if you pull the trigger and leave what you thought was life behind.
  • The Traveling Writer – Alexis, a journalist and social media coach, gives tips and advice about backpacking solo.

Couples Travel

  • Thirteen Months – Follow Susan and Grace, a married couple, as they traveled the world for 13 months.
  • Beers and Beans – A photographer and journalist travel the world in search of the unusual, the mundane, the beautiful, and the forgotten.
  • Here’s 2 Now – Explorer’s of the present.  Find out more about this couple who just returned home after an 18 month, 45 country RTW trip
  • One Giant Step –  That’s all it takes.
  • Over Yonderlust – Childhood sweethearts traveling the world. Follow us as we add stamps to our passports one country at a time.
  • Surfing Round the World – Follow this married couple as they try to catch the best waves on this two-year trip around the world.
  • Traveling Canucks – Canadians exploring our world.
  • Two Go RTW – Avoiding the disruption of routine since 2009.
  • Uncornered Market – Measuring the Earth with our feet.
  • GQ Trippin’ – Gerard and Kieu are living conventional lives with unconventional dreams.


Family Travel

  • 6 Out of Oz – A family of six from Perth, Australia has sold their business, rented their house, and sold most of their stuff to travel the world together.
  • Cooney World Adventures – The blog from this Florida family who traveled around the world with 3 teenage boys.
  • The Dropout Diaries – What happens after dropping out, traveling, finding love, and having a baby.
  • The Edventure Project – Combining education and adventure for families everywhere.
  • Family on Bikes – This family of four cycled from Alaska to southern Argentina.
  • From Here to Uncertainty – An average family with a big idea traveled the world with their two children.
  • Got Passport – A family of three, with a passion for travel, seeking out new experiences, meeting new people, and living simply.
  • Wandermom – Resources for independent family travel.
  • MyMenorcaVilla – This Traveling with Children Guide” walks families through all the necessary steps to planning a big trip

If you have a travel blog that you would like featured on this site, send us an email.
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