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Guide to Working on the Road

Sometimes people just can’t save enough money while at home for their RTW trips. Putting away tens of thousands of dollars is not easy, especially if you’re young and right out of school, and particularly in the current economic state. If it’s going to take you a decade to save the amount necessary to go on the trip of your dreams, you may want to think about other options.

If you’ve read through the planning part of the RTW section, you should be pretty well versed on what your working options are while on the road. This guide is going to give you the resources you need if you decide that working on the road is for you.

Teaching English

Teaching English is one of the most popular ways to make money while traveling. If you’re serious about it, you can actually make some real money doing it, but it will be a real job. If you’re just looking to make some money on the side to assist you in your travels, you can do that, too, but the money will be less and you’ll probably be working under the table. It all depends on which country or region you teach in.

South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan seem to be the best places to go if you want a legit job that is also well paying. Some Middle Eastern countries also offer pretty good salaries and low costs of living, which gives teachers the opportunity to travel around the region breaks while also saving money. Many travelers will go teach for a year or two, save as much as they can, then take off and travel afterwards. It gives you the opportunity to both live and travel abroad.

For more resources and information on teaching abroad and getting certified to do so, make sure you check out the following articles and sites:

Working in Restaurants, Bars, and Hostels

If you choose this route, you are more than likely going to be working under the table in a restaurant, bar, or hostel illegally. This type of work is just temporary, and if you’re looking for something more permanent, then it’s going to be more difficult since you’ll have to deal with working visas and legal restrictions. It can be done, but you’ll have to jump through some more hoops.

Read the following articles and resources about finding temporary work while you’re on your RTW trip




Working on the Road

World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms has been placing travelers on farms in exchange for room and board since 1971. It is extremely popular in places like Australia and New Zealand, and it’s a great way to extend your trip, do some cool work, and meet some awesome people.

Check out the following for more resources and information on WWOOFing:

Other Working Opportunities

There are plenty of other working opportunities while you are abroad. Some are probably things you have never thought of or even knew existed. But if you are in need of work and money while traveling, you can certainly find it if you try hard enough.

Check out the following articles and resources for finding all types of work while you’re on your RTW trip. If you are a true travel junkie, you may also think about finding a job in a field that will allow you to travel all the time.

If you have the drive and determination to set off on a RTW trip, then you have the drive and determination to work while you’re gone if necessary. For some travelers, that’s the reality of the situation. Not everyone is fortunate enough to save enough money to travel and not work. Fortunately, the world we’re living in today makes travel and work go together much easier. For many jobs, all you need is a computer and an internet connection.

Even if you can’t afford to travel for a long length of time while not working, it’s worth it to look into your options. Having to work a bit while also traveling sure beats working while not traveling, so if you have dreamed of traveling the world but just don’t think you have enough funds to make it happen, look into any of the above options to help you out.

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