15: Savor the Small Moments – Diary of a Single Girl – Amsterdam, Netherlands

15: Savor the Small Moments

Today I’m sitting by a canal in Amsterdam, looking at the ducks and enjoying an uncharacteristically warm and sunny day here. I’m humming the refrain from a song whose name I can’t remember and realizing just how content I am at this moment. I’ve got a bag of raisins and nuts and two navel oranges, and quiet waters that shimmy and sparkle in the sunlight. If only I had someone I was in love with by my side, this moment would be perfect.

It’s in quiet moments like this when one can notice the little things – like how the ducks’ patch of cobalt blue looks royal purple when the sun hits it just right, and that the black streak on its head shimmers green. Or just how good a navel orange tastes when it’s juicy and you’re hungry. Or that ducks don’t like raisins.

I’ve spent the day looking for a place to get a haircut and for fabric stores, both in which I’ve been unsuccessful finding. That’s my stress for the day. The ducks’ big stress seems to be grooming or staring blankly into space (much like many people in my hostel). I’m so lucky to have this day and this life.

(And how was your day? Did you have a moment to be grateful for today? I betcha did…)

I wrote the above in my diary a while ago, just to remind me that perfect moments don’t have to be about seeing great historical monuments or doing something daring and exciting, but just about being and being thankful for the times when everything is peaceful and quiet.

I never intended to publish it, but chose to because I want to dedicate it to my friend J and his wife L. They were in a terrible car accident in mid-November, that resulted in L’s death and possibly paralyzing injuries to J. They were a young loving couple, just married about a year ago, and I’m sure they experienced many quiet peaceful moments of joy that hopefully J can now turn to for comfort.

I just wanted to offer this as a reminder to be thankful for the little moments in life, and to tell someone you care about, today, how you feel and let little grudges go because you never know when your chances to appreciate life and loved ones will be gone.