196 Reasons to “Just Go” in 2014: Part 11

Is 2014 the year you “Just Go!”?

We hope so, and just in case your’re on the fence, here are 14 more reasons why long-term travel is awesome!

196 reasons to go

To celebrate 2014, each week over the next 14 weeks we’re going to post 14 reasons to make this the year that long-term, international travel takes priority in your life.

Check out part 14, part 13, and part 12 to catch up!

Here are reasons #142 – #155, in no particular order.

155. Rice fields

Rice field

154. Late nights

Late nights

153. Piranhas


152. Early mornings

Early morning

151. Being invited to lunch


150. Family who visits


149. Climbing

Rock climbing Colorado

148. Wine

Montefalco and a glass of wine

147. Ice climbing

Ice Climbing

146. Yoga

6 - Yoga Argentina

145. Scuba diving

Diving Indonesia

144. Snorkeling


143. Kayaking


142. Awesome store names

Store names
Photo credits: Gerry Balding, Ken_Mayer, Angelique, all other photos courtesy of Megan Seper and may not be used without permission.