Author: Adam Seper

196 Reasons to “Just Go” in 2014: Part 14

Are you ready to take that trip you’ve always dreamed of going on?

Make 2014 the year!

196 reasons to go

To celebrate 2014, each week over the next 14 weeks we’re going to post 14 reasons to make this the year that long-term, international travel takes priority in your life.

Here are reasons #183 – #196, in no particular order.

196. Street food

Street food

195. Wildlife

2 - Galapagos

194. Crazy tour guides

Crazy Tour Guides

193. Smiling kids

Smiling kids

192. Markets

Farmers Market

191. History


190. Mountains

Mt Kilimanjaro

189. Playing sports with locals

Soccer with locals

188. Waterfalls


187. Beach storms

Storm Pics

186. Bays

Halong Bay

185. Solitude


184. Sunsets

Hawaii sunset

183. Hilarious signs

Great signs

Photo credits: Christian Haugen, US Navy