196 Reasons to “Just Go” in 2014: Part 4

196 reasons to go

To celebrate 2014, each week for 14 weeks we’re going to post 14 reasons to make this the year that long-term, international travel takes priority in your life.

Check out the first 10 parts to catch up!

Here are reasons #44 – #57, in no particular order.

57. New friends

New friends

56. Hostel parties

Hostel Parties

55. Small beach towns

small beach town

54. Bartering


53. $5 massages

$5 massage

52. Sunrises


51. Communicating in another language

Language learning

50. Reading

Reading a Book on the Beach

49. Attending a sporting event

World Cup

48. Live music

Live music

47. Northern Lights

Northern LIghts

46. Footsteps


45. Salt hotels

Salt Hotel

44. Sushi


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