196 Reasons to “Just Go” in 2014: Part 7

The simple things about travel are usually what we remember most when reminiscing. That’s what this list is about – 196 things we love about traveling the world. We’re over halfway there – join us for the rest of the ride!

196 reasons to go

To celebrate 2014, each week for 14 weeks we’re going to post 14 reasons to make this the year that long-term, international travel takes priority in your life.

Check out the first 7 parts to catch up!

Here are reasons #86 – #99, in no particular order.

99. Curry


98. Odd food combinations

Fondue and Ribs

97. Glaciers

Perito Moreno

96. Road trips

Road trip USA

95. Beautiful countryside


94. Time with family

Family and Taj

93. Floating river markets

Floating river markets

92. Overcrowded public transport

Overcrowded public transport

91. Overnight trains

Sleeper train

90. Local transport – Jumbos


89. Local transport – Rickshaws


88. Beaches

Footstep on the beach

87. Touts

Special prices for everyone!

86. Parks


Photo credits: pdam2, PicHunting, NH53

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