196 Reasons to “Just Go” in 2014: Part 2

196 reasons to go

To celebrate 2014, each week for 14 weeks we’re going to post 14 reasons to make this the year that long-term, international travel takes priority in your life.

Here are reasons #15 – #28, in no particular order.

28. Chicken buses

Chicken bus

27. Photography


26. Weird Patagonia clouds that don’t look like clouds

Patagonia clouds

25. Colorful skies


24. Camping


23. Hitchhiking

HitchingTajikistan-home page

22. Papaya salad (bonus if it’s from a street/beach vendor)

Som Tam. Crunchy. Earthy. Delicious.

21. Desert


20. Tacos

19. Mayan temples


18. Cenotes


17. Glow worms

glow worms

16. Picturesque jogs

Running in Paris

15. Whitewater rafting

White water rafting

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Photo credits: Liam Quinn, Subramanya Prasad, David Stanley, Christian Reusch

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