$2000+ Worth of Travel Products For Only $197

My friend Travis Sherry of the EPOP (Extra Pack of Peanuts) travel podcast put together a group of information products for travel, long-term travel, and location independence and asked me if BootsnAll and our associated brands would like to participate.

I felt honored and humbled to be asked, so my colleagues and I put our heads together and offered up 3 products that we are super proud of to be a small part of the Paradise Pack 2015.

What is the Paradise Pack?

Over $2000 worth of Information Products for only $197, and 10% from each sale goes to Pencils of Promise charity.

It’s a promotion to make it SUPER easy for folks aspiring to get into the long-term travel and location independence movement, invest in themselves, and get a rocket-start with all these resources.

Why should you trust us if you are considering this?

I leave it up to you to do what is best for yourself. I will tell you why I trust the people and products in the Paradise Pack.

If you are wanting to accelerate your journey into more travel, more independence, and more freedom – investing $197 for this “Pack” of information is a NO-Brainer.

Just a few valuable pieces of knowledge gained from this packet of products, and you will easily surpass the monetary investment. It’s your life, invest in it TODAY! (I personally bought it myself!)

I don’t know everyone or every product in the Paradise Pack, BUT I do know many of them, and I’ll share some back story with the ones that I do know. By association, I do trust the folks I don’t know (yet).

Tim Leffel – Cheap Destinations Expert

I’ve met and spent time with Tim multiple times and have had a professional relationship with him since 2007 or so. He produces HIGH quality travel content, in multiple forms (books, web, magazines) – and I’ve seen him create version after version and update after update of his hit book, The World’s Cheapest Destinations. Via the Paradise Pack, you’ll receive his A Better Life for Half the Price Committed Package – normally $89.

Tim is a living example of a better life at half the price as he moved to Mexico and injoys (I like to spell injoy this way – NOT a typo) what this idea and book is sharing.

Christine Gilbert – Blogging Superstar

I’m crazy about Christine. Just read what and how she writes, and you can’t help yourself from “liking” her (Not Facebook Like, which is cheap and often bought, I’m talking really, I like it – not social media like, like like!).

I was lucky enough to meet her at TBEX 2010 New York, as both she and I had newborns and came to the conference anyway.

Since then she has done many things in online media/travel, including Blog Brilliantly, valued at $249 if you bought it alone – which you get as part of the Paradise Pack for $197.

Benny Lewis – Irish Polygot

I briefly met Benny at TBEX Vancouver in 2011, and he has grown his skills and products many fold since. His language learning course(s), and just how much he cares, allows me to trust him and feel good about referring you to him.

Again, as part of the Paradise Pack, you get his $164 package called Conversation Countdown.

Check out his about us page. I’ve see him in some videos before, and I recommend people who ask about language learning to go to him, not Rosetta Stone or something similar.

Caz and Craig – Dream Makers

They say, “Life is about accumulating memories, not just possessions” – we could not agree more! (Options over Possessions from our Indie Travel Manifesto)

I’ve been subscribed to their email system for a few months now, and I appreciate the clarity and focus on saving and making more money so you can travel more vibe. Again, part of the Paradise Pack!

Nomadic Matt – Budget Travel Guru

Nomadic Matt used to be a regular contributing spammer on the BootsnAll boards, much like we used to spam the Lonely Planet board in the late 90s…so I have a lot of love for Matt.

As many folks already know, he is a prolific writer and marketer, and he has graciously contributed his Ultimate Guide to Travel Hacking, which in truly Nomadic Matt style, is chock full of resources for as the title states, travel hacking.

Matt delivers value in everything he does, and this book is no different.

Sean Ogle – Location Rebel

I don’t know Sean personally, though I have seem him as part of the Chris Guillebeau rat pack at WDS over the years, and I think we shook hands.

And I’ll say, if Chris G trusts him, I’ll do the same, as Chris is a stand-up bloke who delivers value in every product or service I have ever used of his. I have personally spent $1000s of dollars on Chris G’s conferences, and they were all worth far beyond the investment. My take is Sean is the same. Trust transfers. I do know he has been running the Location Rebel website for several years now and lives the location rebel purpose.

Brian Moran – Freedom Engineer

I don’t know Brian personally, but I did spend some time on his site(s) having a look at what he does. I’m super interested and excited to learn how he uses “squeeze pages” to improve the clarity and conversion of some of our offers at BootsnAll and AirTreks. Can’t wait!

I bought the Paradise Pack when the sale started so I can learn more and experience more about the other people and products.

Photo credit: AnnaSwiderska