59 Questions to Ask Yourself

1. Do you want an education that can’t be learned in 4 walls of a classroom?

2. Do you want to make your travel dreams come true?

3. Do you want to experience all the world has to offer?

4. Do you often wonder if there’s more out there to life?

5. Do you dream about selling all your possessions and just taking off?

6. Do you like to challenge yourself?

7. Do you like to learn?

8. Do you find other people and cultures fascinating?

9. Do you want to craft your own life?

10. Do you question the status quo?

11. Do you think the “American Dream” is bullshit?

12. Do you always find yourself talking to locals when you travel?

13. Do you like to ‘live in the now?’

14. Do you like to make friends, no matter of gender, age, sexual orientation, background, religion, culture, and race?

15. Do you like to listen?

16. Do you like to tell stories?

17. Do you like to give back?

18. Do you like to share?

19. Do you want to travel now instead of waiting until you retire?

20. Do you hate your job?

21. Do you question your career decision?

22. Do you want to “start over” even though you’re in your forties?

23. Do you want to show your children a different life?

24. Do you dream of standing on the top of Mount Kilimanjaro?

25. Do you want to float in the Dead Sea?

26. Do you want to trek in the Andes?

27. Do you want to skydive over the Swiss Alps?

28. Do you want to bungee jump in New Zealand?

29. Do you want to teach your kids about Pompeii…..at Pompeii?

30. Do you want to ride your bike the length of the Americas?

31. Do you want to learn another language? How about 2? Or 3?

32. Do you want to eat $1 bowls of pho in an alley in Hanoi?

33. Do you want to sip a glass of wine while looking at the Eiffel Tower?

34. Do you want to watch the sun rise at Machu Picchu?

35. Do you want to see the Himalayas in person?

36. Do you want to swim with sea lions in the Galapagos?

37. Do you want to go to a Full Moon Party in Thailand?

38. Do you want to stand atop a volcano in Chile?

39. Do you want to sleep in a hammock on a beach in Colombia?

40. Do you want to go to a football game in Buenos Aires?

41. Do you want to see the Northern Lights?

42. Do you want to take silly pictures at the Salt Flats?

43. Do you want a $5 massage in Bangkok?

44. Do you want to tango in Argentina?

45. Do you want to get engaged on the top of a castle?

46. Do you want to attend a wedding in India?

47. Do you want to celebrate Christmas on the beach?

48. Do you want to catch and eat your own fish?

49. Do you want to learn how to surf?

50. Do you want to ride the “World’s Most Dangerous Road?”

51. Do you want to learn how to cook curry?

52. Do you celebrate local festivals?

53. Do you want to walk on a glacier?

54. Do you want to drive a campervan across Australia?

55. Do you want to sleep on a train, a bus, a plane, and a boat (sometimes all in the same week)?

56. Do you want to learn more about long-term travel?

57. Do you like to connect with other like-minded people?

58. Do you have a passion for long-term travel?

59. Do you want grow as a world citizen and ultimately become a better you?

If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, it might be time to join our community!

Photo credits: Mayr

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