6 Great Cities to Soak in That Christmas Atmosphere

Ever had the dream of spending a magical white Christmas on a reindeer sleigh? Admit it, we all have. Sleigh bells ringing, frolicking in frosty snow, and the smell of pine trees – it’s all part of our childhood fantasy. Forget about commercialized Christmas tunes and last-minute Christmas sales, here are 6 cities that could just make your Christmas dream come true.

Lapland, Finland

Nowhere else in the world can be more magical than the legendary birthplace of Santa Claus. Explore the mythical Sarek National Park on huskies’ sleighs, along the King’s trail, past deep forests, lakes, and bare mountains.


A trip to Lapland will allow you to sleep under the stars, where you can witness the magical aurora, spot a few moose, reindeer or lynx. With commercialized tourism yet to be developed, there are no tourist cottages or hordes of travelers around – you’ll be guaranteed a genuine Christmas adventure.

Snowmobiles and ice-fishing are also activities that you can rarely indulge anywhere else on earth. To get an authentic experience of the Sami culture, you can even ski with tamed reindeers to Skaite and Lake Peuraure.  This is also the best time of year to witness the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis).

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Granada, Spain

Spain does not only mean hot summers and sizzling beaches along the Mediterranean. The Andalusian city of Granada – with the snow-capped Sierra Nevada Mountain in the distance, and the majestic Alhambra Palace nestled nearby, provides the best ambience for the Christmas season.

Like always, the Spanish kick back with a different kind of celebrations they call their own. The 3 Kings’ day (El día de los Reyes) on the 5th January is the most celebrated festival in Spain, where Santa Claus is nowhere to be seen. On the morning of 3 Kings’ day, the Spaniards feast on the Roscón de Reyes (sweet bread pudding littered with fruits) and thick hot chocolate for breakfast.

After an entire day of exchanging gifts, remember to catch the fantastic Cabalgata de Reyes (Magic Kings parade) with party mood and lots of candy to bag home!

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Oslo, Norway

Norway definitely claims the throne as one of the whitest and snowiest spots in the world –sparkling frost covering the slopes of the Holmenkollen, overlooking the tranquil fjord. On a sunshiny day, put on your ski boots and prepare to sled down the snowcapped mountain.

The local Metro goes all the way up to the peak of Holmenkollen, where locals gather to enjoy steamy Gløgg (mulled wine), and some Fattigmann (traditional Christmas cookie). With little red and yellow wooden cottages amidst the pure white blanket, Oslo boasts of dreamy Norwegian landscape as how one pictures fantasy land to be. Another activity to get you into the mood is a visit to the Bogstad Manor, a grand historical mansion oozing of Victorian elegance and smelling of Christmas baking.

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New York, USA

The Big Apple is the modern epitome of Christmas – every year without fail, the giant Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center, the brightly lit Radio City, and bustling ice-skating rinks undoubtedly add to the Christmas atmosphere.

New York is the perfect setting for every other Christmas movie of the year – think Home Alone! With the winter breeze grazing the Brooklyn Bridge and Christmas carols playing at Times Square, it´s impossible not to catch the Christmas bug.

Sprinkle some magic into this year’s Christmas by witnessing Macy’s parade where huge floats and characters party on the streets! Dinner at Greenwich and drinks at Soho always does the trick.

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Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Besides the enchanting coffee shops and Sex Museum, Amsterdam has lots more to offer. Narrow alleys, quaint canals, and pretty boathouses are the signature sights of the reputed city of angels.

The Damrak and the Museumplein that are littered with Christmas markets are great hang-outs during the season. Ice-skating rinks are set up in every corner of the city, especially those at Leidseplein, with young and old having a good laugh and enjoying the icy cold.

Saint Nicholas is the Patron Saint of Holland, and is seen as the Dutch Santa Claus. A special highlight would be Museum Amstelkring, a Catholic church concealed in the attic of a bourgeois canal house. It offers Christmas Eve masses with an alternative experience.

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Edinburgh, Scotland


Christmas in Edinburgh is like a walk back in time to the medieval days of traditional royal march and bagpipers playing good old Christmas songs. With fireworks lighting the skies, you can spend Christmas in the Lauriston Castle, opened for family crafts and activities.

Christmas concerts, choir performances, and cabaret dinners are also aplenty from the beginning of December. The Christmas Fair at Meadowbank Stadium also fulfills every child’s dreams as proceeds go towards charity.

Everybody’s heard of Edinburgh’s one-of-its-kind Hogmanay celebrations after Christmas! So if you make it here, remember to catch the torchlight procession that kicks off the festival on 29th December. Celebrations continue to fill the streets until 2 January.

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