A Giant of Good Karma – California, USA

We had to visit Disneyland. We quickly passed through the bag check, something now permanent due to recent world events, and rather easy since we had no bags. Disneyland is huge. The many photos of the park really couldn’t compare to the actual thing. The whole courtyard in front of us could have easily fit our house inside three different times. Sprawled across on the left were the huge letters spelling out California, the entrance to California Park. The many tourists posing before the letters made it clear the park wasn’t open yet.

To the right was the view, the main landmark pronouncing that you weren’t dreaming. Pinch me. We were really in Disneyland. Walking towards the ticket stalls, a shadow fell over us. Thankful I wasn’t the only one who had to crane my neck up, we stopped and stared. A giant stood in front of us towering over me by a good foot; I am not a small person.

We stared at him as he stared at us. I was contemplating how far we could run before we got tackled or shot; in this instance I wasn’t sure what would be the most likely. I could see my companions were having similar thoughts.

"Have you got tickets to the park?" he asked gruffly.

Panic, panic was invading my brain, with all the different reasons that he could be asking why. He was a weirdo; he wanted to know if we had tickets so he could steal them, he wanted to congratulate us on coming to the park. Hundreds of different scenarios flashed through my mind.

My companion quickly showed him our two-day hopper pass we had bought the day before. She later confessed she thought he was doing some sort of random search, for reasons we couldn’t comprehend. We weren’t having the most logical of thoughts at the time.

A slight frown came across the man's face; I shifted trying to get into a better position to run away. But then he broke into a huge smile that practically lit up his whole face, I let out the air that I had unconsciously been holding in.

He explained he had three free tickets to give away to the park as a part of Disney's Random Act of Kindness Program. Everyday he had the job of approaching a group of three and handing over these tickets for free. He left soon after, off to find more people.

What a wonderful job that man has, giving out all that good Karma all day long.

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