A Shopping Tour of Acapulco – Acapulco, Mexico

A Shopping Tour of Acapulco
Acapulco, Mexico The street running from Fort San Diego to the Zócalo runs parallel to the Costera, and is named for General Morelos. It crosses only one street, Juan R. Escudero, which after a few blocks becomes Cuauhtémoc, Acapulco's principal business strip.

If you walk north on Escudero, away from the Costera, the first cross-street is Galeana, a one-way coming toward you. The next street, one-way coming toward you is Cinco de Mayo. Turn right on Cinco de Mayo and walk one block to Mina Street, and turn left. Walk one block north on Mina, and you will see a drug store on your right, "Super Farmacia Moderna."


NOTE: If you continue along Cinco de Mayo, you'll find locksmiths to duplicate your keys and glass shops such as Vidriería Priego to purchase a frame or a mirror. Another five blocks or so will take you back to the Costera near the big grocery store, La Comercian Mexicana.

Just across the street beyond Farmacia Moderna is Café Wadi, where you can select the type of coffee bean you like and have it ground to your taste. The State of Guerrero is a coffee-growing region; you might want to try some of the beans from the town of Atoyac. You can also try a cup of coffee.

Turn right on the street between Farmacia Moderna and Café Wadi and walk one block. On your right you'll see "Telas Telas Telas" where you can buy material of every sort. On your left you'll see another street, Alcalá, headed north and, between the street you're on and Alcalá, the only government approved handicrafts market, the "Parazal". If you walk inside, watch out! The Parazal is laid out like a modern department store: with the clear intent of getting you lost so that you have to wander.


NOTE: If you continue on the street the the right of the Parazal, it will lead you past Hotel Mary, on the right, and eventually back to Cuauhtémoc, where you can cross the street to board any bus marked "Caleta" to return to the Zócalo or go on to Caleta Beach.

If you go north on the street the the left of the Parazal, it will take you past a number of little bars, various interesting little shops, and the Teléfonos/Telégrafos Building on your right. When you reach a dead end, turn left: it's only one-half block to Cuauhtémoc. This will take you past the "Piquant" Surf Shop and, or the corner to your right, Acapulco's oldest and probably best photo studio, Salmerón. You can cross the street to board any bus marked "Caleta" to return to the Zócalo.

If at this point you still feel like walking, turn right on Cuauhtémoc and go one block to the traffic light. Turn right on this little street, go a half block and turn left. This street will take you, in about six blocks, past Arena Coliseo (boxing and wrestling matches), a little café, La Fogata, where you can have smoked pork chops and shish-kebab ('alambre') and then to La Comercial Mexicana, on the corner with the Costera and just a short walk to Fort San Diego.

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