Abigail King – Author Biography

abigail-king-profileAbigail King is a freelance writer who loves to travel and find new ways to enjoy life. She has circled the globe twice, camped in the snows of Kilimanjaro and Patagonia and tracked down tigers, turtles and panda bears. She’s then had a hot shower and embraced the city life of New York, Rio, Paris and Tokyo.

Her travels took a detour through medical school and real-life ER training (called A&E in her native UK English) where she also picked up qualifications in Extreme and Wilderness Medicine. She has lived in Saudi Arabia, Tanzania and France and is now in Spain learning about the importance of siestas.

To read more about her travels, see www.insidethetravellab.com. For more about her work, see www.abigailking.co.uk.

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