Acapulco City Tour on a Tour By Van with Tour Guide Rodolfo Rudy Fregoso

acapulcotourIt was very Worm that Day in Acapulco, Fortunately, Rudy arrived in an enormous windowed extended air-conditioned van to pick the 8 of us up. He was waiting right at the lobby of the hotel. Middle 50´s, He was born and raised in Acapulco; his English is very good and easy to understand.

We started the day with a tour of Fort San Diego a 5 point star building located right across the street from the cruise ship terminal. Originally built in 1615 to protect Acapulco from pirates and any other invaders during the colonial time, it has a moat surrounding it which used to deter trespass, today It is the site of a fully air conditioned museum that is focusing on the colonial epoch of Mexico 1521-1821.

After a drive by the main avenue through the so called New Section, restaurants and beaches, we arrived to the Chapel of Peace, to get a close-up view of the cross that looks out over Acapulco Bay, Surrounded by several million dollar homes, The Chapel is a beautiful modern building, with windows of onyx, and gardens of tropical plants.

The Chapel is not accessible by tour buses, which makes it a very peaceful, refreshing place to linger. Rudy’s ability to navigate that van through the narrow backstreets of the city on the way to the Old Town was remarkable. Diego Rivera´s Mosaic Mural. The one thing that surprised us that day was this incredible mosaic mural on the garden wall of a house along the way.

Rudy parked the van and took a few pictures for me from his window and he explained the mural while the rest of our group got off the van to take photographs, that is a representation of the God of Gods, Quetzalcoatl also known as the feathered serpent on his way to the unknown for later coming back on a given date to take over back his reign, a peculiar thing, this god was known in every single pre Hispanic culture in Mexico and beyond except with very different names, Diego Rivera was a very big man, he shows his ingenuity by portraying himself as a frog, laughing at himself!

Rodolfo explained that a couple of years before Diego Rivera died, he moved into the Acapulco house of his friend, representative and benefactor Dolores Olmedo, to recover from an illness. When he was well, he created the mosaic mural very few people know about.

After our most interesting stop we headed to the Mirador Hotel for the high cliff divers, and arrived a little before the 1:00pm show. Our final stop was the Flamingo hotel where the movie stars all stayed. Rudy even got us out to the round house that was renamed “La de Casa Tarzan” in Johnny Weissmuller’s honor. In case you might be wondering, we were well pleased with Rudy’s tour and would highly recommend his services to anyone traveling down to Acapulco on either a Panama Canal or Mexican Riviera cruise.

Just yahoo google his name Acapulco Rodolfo rudy Fregoso and you will find him, and I think this is the least I can do for someone who was so nice to us.

photo by Nammer on Flickr

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