Acapulco Travel Guide – Transport

Acapulco Travel Guide – Transport

Very few Acapulco taxis have meters, so settle the fare before you get in. The basic rate is 25 pesos for an ‘average’ ride: if your trip starts and ends on either side of the big flagpole in front of Papagayo Park, the fare should be about twenty-five pesos. Longer trips will more. Trips outside the Bay, to or from Las Brisas, Acapulco Diamante, or the Airport may run as much as 200 pesos or more.

City Buses
Costera Routes
Blue and white buses charge 4.00 pesos. NOTE: Not all of the buses marked ‘Costera’ stay on the Costera, and many do not go all the way to Caleta or the Base. Always check the windshield for the specific route.

(1) “Base – Hornos – Caleta”
Also served by big, yellow, air-conditioned buses charging 5.00 pesos. Normal interval between the air conditioned buses is 10 minutes, but they’re usually worth the wait.

(2) “Base – Cine Río – Caleta”
This route briefly leaves the Costera in the center of town and runs along Cuauhtémoc Avenue behind Papagayo Park.

(3) “Puerto Marqués / Coloso / Praderas”
Some of these buses run farther east than the Naval Base and do not reach the Zócalo or Caleta Beach; they stop at Las Hamacas in the west.

Car Rental
SAAD is a locally owned business with the largest fleet of Jeeps and cars in Acapulco. Call 484-3445.AUTHOR: Wylie Jordan


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