Accra Nutz and Bolts

City Name: Accra
Where is it located?: Accra is on the coast in southern Ghana.
Why do people go there?: Accra is a good starter city before traveling around West Africa. It has a good vibe and safer than most other capital cities.
How do travelers get there?: Accra can be reached by bus and plane by most other West African cities. There are flights to Europe on a regular basis.
Currency: Cedi
City Code: 21
Population: 1,200,000
Languages: English
Attractions: Makola Market, Arts Centre, Coco Beach
Accommodations: Accra Hostels
Tourist Office: Ghana Tourism Office
Off-the-beaten-path: James Town
Health Issues: Malaria
When to go: July, August and September are the best months, but will be the height of the tourist season.
Common Phrases: English is spoken by most people.
City Specific Events: Ghana has a tremendous amount of great events, festivals and cultural gatherings. For a list, check out If you are in Accra, you must see Homowo in August.
How to get around?: Taxis and minibuses cover most of Accra.
Good to know: Go to Mokala market if you’re in Accra and want to experience a vibrant area.

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