Advice From New Yorkers – New York City, New York, USA

Advice From New Yorkers
New York City, New York, USA

What direction will NYers point you?

A short-list of local favorites:

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a must see. This cavernous museum encompasses just about any kind of art you might want to see, from old masters to 19th century paintings, Greek and Roman artifacts, a sculpture garden, period costumes and furniture, a massive display of armor, even a recreated Egyptian tomb. Pay-what-you-wish makes this an excellent choice for those on a budget.

Other notable museums: The Guggenheim, which houses rotating exhibits in its amazing Frank Lloyd Wright spiraling home. The American Museum of Natural History will wow with massive dinosaurs, the massive blue whale and its brand new Rose Center planetarium. There’s MOMA (The Museum of Modern Art), the fabulous medieval Cloisters way uptown, and the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Central Park is a wonderland all its own. Spanning 843 acres, it encompasses a children’s petting zoo, a skating rink, rolling meadows (notably Sheep’s Meadow and the Great Lawn), a wooded area called the Ramble, a reservoir, lakes for fishing and riding boats, the spectacle that is Tavern on the Green, a toy boat pond and even Belvedere Castle, which acts as a weather station.

For a taste of how loud NYers can get, try to catch one of the local professional sports teams in action: The Yankees and Mets are our baseball teams, the Knicks play basketball at Madison Square Garden, the Rangers and the Islanders are the local hockey teams and the Giants and Jets round out the mix with American football. This town loves sports, so if you can’t get tickets you can still catch the excitement in a sports bar where there are just as many people will be screaming and yelling as there are at the actual game.

Regardless of whether you’re getting info from a guide book, a friend who’s visited, a random local you meet or just wandering about on your own, New York has more to offer then you can imagine and the city really doesn’t sleep. NYC is all about 24/7 adventure. Enjoy!