Insurance for Independent & Adventurous Travelers in the Next Life

Insurance for independent & adventurous travelers in the next life

Death – life’s most arduous journey, why not make it a little easier with the peace of mind of Afterlife Travel Insurance? After a life of adventure and worldwide travel, why not make sure you’re covered when you cross-over. With AFTERLIFE EASY cover you CAN rest assured, when you’re laid to rest, assured.

AFTERLIFE EASY coverage benefits

This is a named perils travel insurance certificate, which means it covers only the specific situations, events and losses, and only under the conditions we describe below.

Not sure of what you need to do to enter the Pearly Gates, cross the River Styx, or gain entry to the Elysium Fields? Call, email or oujia our 24 hour customer assistance service centre for guidance, included in all plans.

Your WN AFTERLIFE EASY cover also comes with FREE downloads of our religious instruction apps – get up to speed on Buddhism, Scientology or Raëlism in a fun and informative way.


Trip – One way journeys to the hereafter

Baggage – including incidental items but excluding football jerseys, stuffed toys and effigies * All losses require a signed guardian angel report confirming loss.

Death – kicking the bucket, shuffling off, leaving this mortal coil, passing to the other side * comedic death not covered

Coverage* When it applies / Benefit
Trip cancellation Your trip to the Afterlife is canceled before you get started. A medium must channel you or a traveling companion and advise you or a traveling companion to cancel or interrupt your trip before you cancel or interrupt it.
Trip interruption Your trip is interrupted after you’ve left to return to a new life on earth.
Trip Limbo You never make your final destination in the Afterlife or are delayed in Purgatory for a period of more than 24 consecutive years.
Pre-death Oversight Protection Regardless of your religion (or lack of it) when your acts of kindness and devotion are not recognized by whatever God you encounter.
Emergency medical/dental You have to pay for emergency medical or dental care due to unforeseen torture, heat exposure, cloudbursts, broke wings, cracked halos, or injuries from slipping down a level of Nirvana
Atheism Protection Worried the atheists, agnostics and humanists are right? WN Afterlife Insurance will guarantee that your spirit will be carried off to a happier place. (actual heaven may differ from advertised product) 
AfterPath Plan Options Choose your own afterlife experience: 

Ancient Egypt

Don’t have a sin-free heart and the ability to recite the spells, passwords, and formulae of the Book of the Dead when Osiris asks for his recompense…. No problem, just quote your WN Afterlife Insurance policy number and come inside!

Ancient Rome/Greece

Take out our prestige package and enjoy guaranteed direct entry to the Elysium Fields.


Even with our basic policy you can opt to jump two levels on the ladder of reincarnation, why spend time as a flea when you can be assured of a happy afterlife as a pampered pet, all for one low easy payment.


Hell taster

For a short time, we’re offering a hell taster package that includes a never ending group bus tour around a mock Pisa tower with only re-runs of Alf .

Afterlife Social Auto Sign-Up Take you social networks with you and get auto-access to Corspebook, DeadSquare, GoneWalla,  AfterTweet, Flickd and MyEmptySpace.
Lost, damaged or stolen baggage Your wings, toga, halo, pitchfork or other essential emotional baggage is lost, damaged or stolen
Unlimited Renewal Extend or re-new your afterlife insurance from the other side – no questions asked. Just contact our customer service centre via medium, Ouija board, ghostly apparition or even online via our gremlins facility.  Note: this benefit ends if you return to Earth regardless of form whether it be human, dog or flea.
Cloud Claims Services You have heard of cloud computing, now you can make claims directly in the cloud. Just log-into your account and submit your claim

* Underwritten by Gotcha Insurance Company

Complaints following an Insured event

–         Please see one of our representative lawyers personally, only available with the Hell taster option.

–         For all other enquiries regarding your policy, please contact us through one of qualified mediums, or this months guest medium: Elvis.

When Armageddon comes, will you be protected? Make the afterlife easy with WN Afterlife Easy!

GOTCHA – Yes, it’s Aprils Fools!

While this is a gag, traveling safely and properly covered for life’s unexpected is no joke. To learn more about WorldNomads  travel insurance and why BootsnAll partners with us, click here.

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