April 1999 – Willamette Valley – Eugene Oregon Travel Guide …

Current Happenings

See a shipwreck! An oil tanker recently ran aground off the shore of Oregon near Coos Bay. Half the boat is still visible from the shore. They probably also need a bit of help cleaning up all the goop.

This boat may not be there too much longer as they recently pulled the other half out to sea and blew it up to sink it. As of now, authorities are unsure if the front half will receive the same fate or not.

So if you are making the trip up or down the coast between Seattle and San Francisco, consider taking the coastal route to view this massive wreck.

And while you are there maybe camping for a night or two in nearby Siskiyou National Forest. It’s really starting to warm up in Southern Oregon and there is almost no one around this time of year. There are some real cool hikes in this nearby coastal National Forest.

For more info on this National Forest, click on the link above.


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