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Tell Me, Why Afghanistan?
K knows that some people may think she’s crazy, but she also knows she’s crossing the border no matter what.

Bhutan: Monsoons and Miracles
Still relatively unspoiled by tourism, Hob Osterlund found Bhutan to be a world unlike any other.

The Exotic Island Paradise
Walter Rajah’s travel suggestions appeal to all tastes – from the sunbather to the adventurer to the thrill seeker.

Go with the Flow
Bill Sander is a virtual captive and captivated by nature’s intimate and novel way in bleeding Borneo.

Mahakam: Into the Heart of Borneo
Ancient and modern, traditional and foreign, Christian and animist – all meet and mix along the rivers of Borneo.

Orangutans at Tanjung Puting
A visit to an orangutan care centre in Borneo brings home how closely related we humans are to other animals.

The Monk Revolution
Shirley Eng writes about meeting monks in Myanmar who hope to open an a library – and start a revolution in the process.

The Many Faces of Burma
The bribery incident at the airport was the first of many collisions between appearance and reality during Sean McCarthy’s stay in Burma.

The Real Capital of Burma
Sean McCarthy meets Sonny Boy who travels the world through his meetings with tourists because his own country will not issue him a passport.

From Mandalay to Pyin U Lwin
Sean McCarthy’s need to get out of Mandalay for more breathing space introduced him to the pick-up truck and the busiest weekend of the year in a small town.

A Talk with Win Zaw
Sean McCarthy felt he had been privy to a unique experience with an extraordinary, though contradictory man.

Hello Buddha. Como esta?
Jason Jones uses a gibberish form of Spanish to make a connection with a local Burmese child while touring the pagodas of Bagan.

Wet and Wild in Yangon
K is a helpless foreigner, accosted and trapped on the streets at a supposed festival.

Mong La, Burma
Anything goes in this Burmese outpost.

Three Days in Cambodia
According to die-hard traveler Lee Abbamonte, Cambodia is another step beyond the third world.

Football in the Minefield
Even landmines won’t stop young boys from playing soccer with Landmine Museum volunteer Catherine Mojsiewicz.

Wedding Season in Cambodia
An invitation to a village wedding offered Judy Wolf a chance to see an intimate view of local culture – and learn how to drive a moto.

VIP Bus Through Cambodian Hell
150 kilometers in a record breaking 15 hours. Not walking. Not running. Not by bicycle. By bus. Joanna Balmer warns travelers about a bus travel in Cambodia.

Phnom Penh
Sabrina Plum never knew five dollars could take her so far, when she set out into the dark past of Cambodia on the back of a moto.

The Blowout
Stephen Murphy wondered why it took a motorbike accident to finally meet Cambodian people in any meaningful way.

Entrepreneurial Cambodia
Read why Christian Mercer has nothing but respect for the wheelers and dealers of Cambodia – even a good laugh.

Cambodians – Masters in Sales
Even worse than calling a Canadian an American or a Kiwi an Aussie is… Jen Hodgins reports.

Touring Ancient Angkor…for Free!
By chance, MC finds a way to visit the well known temples of Angkor Wat – at no cost – turning an otherwise normal visit into an exciting adventure.

In the Court of the Khmer Kings
Rod Eime encourages you to visit Ankgor complex now before ropes, boardwalks and cordons replace the relatively free access visitors currently enjoy.

Rapid Transition
Sara Ogle believes the moto drivers are the visible link to Cambodia’s brightened future and encourages you to adopt a moto driver and change the world.

"I Want to Shoot Guns!"
Anything you want: grenades, rocket launchers, AK-47s, Justin Pushman found it all on the most unusual menu outside of Amsterdam.

Train Surfing
No matter what LP tells you, Battambang’s wild wild west is best viewed
from the top of a train, says Justin Pushman.

Learning the Real Cambodia
Cambodia turns out far different than Justin Pushman imagined it, but that’s okay. It’s ain’t his bike.

Phnom Penh and Siem Reap
Joe Ehrlich spent only a few days in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap before he felt that he had reached his limit with Cambodia.

The Temples and Ruins of Angkor Wat
The ancient magic of Angkor Wat is strong even in the present day.

Kunming English Corner
For just one evening, BootsnAll member Shawn Kobb becomes an English teacher in China.

Biking Through The Villages of Yangshuo
While bike riding through a rural Chinese village, Christina Nelson enjoys the hospitality of her guide, while experiencing a unique world so different from her own.

What a Wild Wall
While dodging the occasional hustler, Kevin O’Shea and his friends explore the hidden parts of the Great Wall of China.

One Foot in the Future
From firing Chinese assault rifles to enjoying a cup of coffee at Starbucks, Joel Burslem rings in the Chinese New Year in Shanghai.

Walking the Wall
Todd Ster walks the Great Wall, dodging guards, his companions….and snow leopards.

Buddha’s Advice
Brett Sandberg has an increasingly surreal experience in a dark tunnel in China.

A Communist Parade
Nick Dao postponed his trip for one month to see China celebrate her 50th anniversary of Communist rule. He might have enjoyed the festivities if only he could have seen them.

Bamboozled in Beijing
Kevin O’Shea thought himself fairly savvy, but his first encounter with some Chinese university students in Beijing left his wallet a little lighter.

The Great Wall and The Great Zoo
Nick Dao finds himself being mistaken for a Chinese in China and in America. This time, though, he benefited and saw more than he had planned.

Backpacking Through An Epidemic
In the hands of the Chinese propoganda department, SARS was more than a disease. It was war. Sean McCarthy concludes that the culture of the cover-up got a bashing no camouflage can hide.

Emperor Qin’s Army
Each of the 7,000 faces is unique, writes James Dorsey: a study in concentration of warriors ready to die, 2,500 years after they lived.

Becoming World Citizens
After 11 days in the Middle Kingdom, Bill Mohan and friends came away with the feeling that peace on earth depends on personal exchanges.

Just in Time
Bill Mohan’s trip back from China was like Dorothy returning to Kansas. There’s no place like home but home will never be the same.

A Winter’s Journey to Harbin
In the Paris of Asia, the tiger stretched towards Matthew Gill, who wondered if his travel insurance would cover this.

A Trip of Lasting Memories
The Great Wall of China and Tiananmen Square were Sylvia Seschel’s favorite parts, and she didn’t even mind that the pigs had more room than the tourists.

A Stranger in a Strange Territory
Like a child offered promises of acrobats and ice cream, Barbara Shaw tagged along, humbled by gratitude and enlarged by her good luck.

Leo’s Story
In Beijing, Jason Jones met a young man determined to open his own business. Capitalist dreams in the midst of Communist China.

Five Minutes of Fame
Mark Evans may never see the part he played in a Chinese movie, but he’s just happy he survived the elephant stampede.

Vacation in China: Hong Kong, Beijing, and Yangtze River Cruise
Rose Franco wanted to see the Three Gorges before the dam covers the area with water. But first she had a stop in her favorite city in the world, Hong Kong.

Hospitality, the Chinese Way
K was only trying to find accommodation in Yullin, but she wound up becoming a Yankee Doodle class clown.

Good Morning, Beijing
The best welcome to China K could’ve received comes in a morning tai chi group.

Business or Pleasure?
From backpacker to buyer, Justin Pushman gets himself in bed with some
luxury power lunching and toasting.

Ripped Off Again!
Don’t let a quick nap make you too enthusiastic about your choice of taxis in China, warns Justin Pushman.

Intrepid Travelers In China
Roughing it with a small group to experience the diversity of this huge country.

Going Against the Flow
A three day journey of over 1000 miles up China’s mighty Yangzi River, from Shanghai to Wuhan.

Off the Track – China Style
How to know when you’ve found the real China, off the usual travellers path.

Arriving in Hong Kong
There are many ways of finding work in Hong Kong when you’re very low on cash.

Lijiang: A Special Place in China
An ancient town in the shadow of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

Disco Ball
A visit to a Chinese nightclub proves that music is universal.

A Trip Down the Yhangtze, China
Three rules of travel and what to do when kidnapped by your taxi driver.

East Timor
Sally Eeles encourages travel to the world’s newest nation for spectacular sights, unforgettable adventures, and, or course, it’s people.

Mother-in-Laws: The Threat Is Closer Than You Think
Without the traditional Georgian upbringing, Julie Guyot gets caught unaware when her beau’s family discovers their romance.

A Real Treat – Therapeutic and Fun
The experience of working in Georgia proved richer and more gratifying than Julie Guyot could have imagined.

Hong Kong
Copy Watch? NEW!
The practice of shopping and bargining is a fine-tuned skill and Lisa Hunt has it down to an art in Hong Kong.

The Wild West of Asia
Mark Brasher found it easy to slip into the expat community of Hong Kong. Within a few days he was invited to an eye-opening bachelor party.

Hungry in Hong Kong
Amity Mills is your guide to find the best deals and scams to spend as little of your hard earned cash in Hong Kong as possible.

Hong Kong
Philip Blazdell looks at the former British colony and finds it to be definitely proud of its Chinese character.

Prayas NEW!
During her time in India, Alyssa Batarla had grown jaded and cynical. However, a trip to the Prayas Children’s Home stripped away the grime to show the beauty underneath.

India on Three Wheels NEW!
It took a month to get the permit and four months to do it, but Jeff Eagar and his brothers scuttled their way into the Indian Book of Records by driving cross-country in a rickshaw.

Bombay & Mumbai; A Tale of Two Cities
Will Marks spends twenty-four hours in India’s city that never sleeps.

The Strange Motel Mosque
People say you either love or hate India. Carlie Daley disagrees. You love and hate the place. It’s impossible not to feel both emotions.

The Legend of a Bollywood Extra
Will Marks spends a week on the set of a Bollywood blockbuster in search of his 15 minutes of fame.

Himalayan Motorcycle Odyssey
Will Marks had no way of knowing his plan to ‘ride around India on motorcycles for a bit’ would turn into a 16,000 kilometre odyssey from Nepal to Pakistan and throughout the Indian Himalayas.

Ooty: Queen of the Nilgiri Range
Relaxing with tea, chocolate and cool mountain air are on Lubna Kably’s itinerary in Ooty, India.

The Untouchables
In Malana, India, Abhishek Madhukar discovers what it is like to be an ‘Untouchable’ in his own country.

A God is Born
When a god is born, miracles are commonplace, but Mathura on the eve of Janamashtami is a miraculously uncommon sight, writes Abhishek Madhukar.

The Belly Button of the World
Sometimes an assault, sometimes a symphony, Kate Comiskey cherishes the raw soul of India, which she calls, ‘the belly button of the world’.

Safari Search
When Kasum Sanu sets out to see the animals in B.R. Hills, she hopes to see a tiger. That is, until she sees one.

Doing Nothing in Diu
Carlie Daley describes the tiny Indian island Diu, popular with locals and travelers alike.

Brahmapuri Blues
As Poornima Ozarkar loses herself in the blue world of Brahampuri, she finds herself happy and exhilerated by her love of travel.

In Search of Nomads
While searching for nomads, Rinoti Amin returns to her native India and finds picturesque temples, a childhood bride, and, finally, peace.

My Favourite Beaches of Goa
Priya Shah knows the best beaches in Goa – and there’s a chance you’ve probably never heard of them.

The Sights, The Sounds, The Suicidal Bus Drivers
For first time travellers to India and Nepal, Steve Braithwaite knows there is nothing that can truly prepare you for the chaos you enter into.

India: a Foot in Each Century
Jacqui Currie found India embraced each passing century with enthusiasm and energy but at the same time managed not only to hold onto its past but bring it along for the ride.

Cities of Rajasthan
Two of Rajasthan’s most beautiful cities are only a short flight from Delhi and are sure to provide enough memories to last a lifetime.

More to Agra than the Taj Mahal
It is one of the most photographed buildings in the world but no picture can capture the love story, or the amazing attention to detail that extend beyond the walls of the Taj Mahal.

Bring on the Tourists
Tim Pile wonders whether Varkala, India will grow too fast. For now, though, it retains its charm.

The Bombay Express
Carlie Daley knew that more than chai was needed for a forty-plus hour Indian train journey. She found it in a young boy’s melody.

In the Movies
The chance to play a part in a Bollywood movie is about the experience rather than the money. And what an experience it turned out to be for Mihai Wilson.

Welcome to India
Meredith Westerman has traveled to 35 countries on and off for 13 years. But nothing prepared her for India.

Mother May I? Relaxing in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram
Tanya Favus found her own adventure in the peace that comes from sitting quietly and watching India unfold.

Tiger, Tiger…
Abhishek Madhukar compares his student memories of the Corbett Hideaway Resort and National Park, with his present experience as an adult.

Boot Camp at 20,000ft
Imagine Full Metal Jacket in the Himalaya and you have an idea of what Amar Dev Dhindsa went through at the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering.

The Last Mahaseer
The Mahaseer is the most sought after sport fish in India. But Amar Dev Dhindsa worries for its future after seeing the effects of fishing with explosives.

The Drive to Somewhere
Lubna Kably finds the fun in spotting the unknown, when she and a friend make the most of a drive to somewhere.

Kerala: More to It Than Backwaters
From trapped ghosts to elephants, ayurvedic massage to delicious food, Lubna Kably saw it all during her trip to Wynad, Kerala.

Searching for the ‘Magic’ of India
Mark Evans had previously visited India and hated it. He returned to confront his fear and discover India’s ability to change a person.

It’s More Than Just a Rock, It’s History
Can you name a city whose name is derived from boiled peas? Try Bangalore, which also boasts India’s oldest rock formations, as Lubna Kably finds.

Madness Beyond Marble
Abhishek Madhukar explains why he thinks Agra has historically been a place of madness, and continues to be so today.

Vijayanagar Wanderings
Amar Dev Dhindsa steps back in time as he wanders through Hampi, the former capital of the fabulously rich Vijayanagar empire.

The Treasures of the Sea
A floating shrine, a cave, and carvings dating back to the 6th century – Lubna Kably discovers the Arabia Sea surrounding Mumbai has much to offer.

The Taj Mahal, with a Difference
The plan was to see some caves, but Lubna Kably ended up seeing Aurangabad’s Taj Mahal. And no, that’s not long for Agra.

Folk Tales from the Scotland of India>
With just three days of leave at her disposal, Lubna Kably found Coorg, the land of coffee, to be more than just enchanting.

Learning the Hard Way
Planning to see India’s sights during the day and party at night, Kiran Summan found her Indian family taking her in a completely different direction.

The Good, The Bad and The Famous
While in India on a pilgrimage of sorts, Joseph Gelfer encounters the Dalai Lama, Richard Gere and gem export scams.

Tour Guides and Tusks
Tamara D’mello latched onto a tour of the Wodeyar’s Palace where the guide was almost as interesting as the palace architecture.

The Calcutta Railway Riot
Although offered with good intentions, Vicki Flier’s aid to an Indian beggar provokes a hostile reaction.

Leaving Paradise Can Be Hell
When it comes to trying to leave the Andaman Islands, Graydon Hazenberg knows when to shut up and let his girlfriend do the talking.

More Than Just Erotica
Abhishek Madhukar visits the erotic temples of Khajuraho while his guide tells him ‘what not to do.’

On A Tourist Bus to Shangri-La: My Journey to Ladakh
Sarah Rasmussen took a bus trip on the Manali to Leh Highway, the second-highest road in the world. When the time came to return, however, she flew.

The Best of Human Nature
A motorbike breakdown, a berating – and a surprise, for Matt O’Neill in Rajastan.

Slow Train from Igatpuri
When riding in the "ladies compartment" do not drop your sandals on the snack plate. Trust Joan Pinto on this one. And men? Stick to your own car. It’s safer.

Sanchi, Central India: Buddhism, Hinduism, Escapism
On an out-of-the-way hilltop, temples carved with Buddhist and Hindu art
give the traveller respite from India’s in-your-face privateers.

Tigers in India
No matter how many times you try and no matter how many different parks
you go to, sighting India’s rare tigers is as difficult as the wildlife
is beautiful.

Abandoned Mandu
The Muslim city of Mandu was abandoned over 400 years ago, and today even the tourists hardly pay attention to it. They don’t know what they’re missing.

The Erotic Temples of Khajuraho
In India’s Khajuraho temples, erotica is a religious experience.

The Asiatic Lion’s Last Stronghold: India’s Gir Forest
In the wild, the endangered Asiatic lion only occupies one area of
India. Conservation efforts are underway, but you’ll still be lucky to
spot one.

Sai Baba, You’re So Fine…
Why is the Valley of Peace guarded by men with guns?

Ashram + Osho = Ashhole
Warning! This article contains violent words, including cusses, adult situations and heaps of frustrated feelings. Don’t try this at home.

Feeling Wibbly Wabbly in Bombay
Reflections on a week spent at the ashram of an Avatar in Ahmednagar.

Tashi Delek or Seven Days in Tibet
Actually it was eight…who can afford Seven Years anymore?

Thank You, India
A land devoid of common sense, a land where priests try to rip you off. But it’s also a bit of heaven.

Hello from Bangkok
A simple flight from Delhi to Bangkok that does not go as planned.

Coming Home
The culture shock of returning home after travel presents some interesting questions.

Bhanged Up In Pushkar
A first-time experience of Bhang Lassi’s, India’s popular backpacker beverage.

India – 41 Days of Exoticism
Over a month of Holy men, the Taj Mahal, the Dalai Lama and the Swastika Hotel.

A Quiet Drink in the Mountains
Getting something to drink in an Islamic state is not the easiest thing to do.

If You Ever Meet The Buddha
If you are looking for a destination that blends the ancient with the modern, and combines the wisdom of one culture with the rituals of another, Dharamshala could be just the place.

Vagator Beach, India
A great place to spend your honeymoon is on this Goan beach.

The Secret Life of Flores NEW!
The coloured volcanic lakes on Flores are something of a mystery and they were very high on Stephen Tapply’s must-see list.

After The Crisis: Part 1
Despite media and U.S. State Department warnings, Gregory McElwain realized that only parts of Indonesia were effected by the crisis in 1998 – and now it was more affordable for him, but not for the locals.

After The Crisis: Part 2
As the only foreigner in an Indonesian hotel, Gregory McElwain quickly learns that skipping breakfast at a hotel causes more pain than comfort.

After The Crisis: Part 3
On a tiny wooden rowboat, Gregory McElwain and his guide navigate through a port that time forgot.

After The Crisis: Part 4
From porn-stars to loquacious, lonely men, Gregory McElwain realizes the Tuk Tuk pennisula attracts oddballs from all corners of the globe.

After The Crisis: Part 5
At the end of his trip, Gregory McElwain realizes that mosquitos are more of a problem than Indonesia’s political crisis.

Gusset Nightmares
Even though a rat ate through Tracey Davies’ underpants, she and her boyfriend find happiness in a small coastal town outside of Jakarta.

The Art of Cockfighting
As Josh Grillo learns, cockfighting in Bali is a bloody, brutal sport that is not for the faint hearted.

Strange Days in Nias
Rachel Rinaldo and her family had an unusual stay on the island of Nias, in a hotel that had barely seen a guest in two years.

A Brief Taste of Paradise
Tim Yackley and his companions found that in Bali there is no separation between life and spirituality. They are one and the same.

Rookie in Training
Julie Simpson turns down an Indonesian alley and learns a valuable lesson from the people there.

The Dangers of Cashews
Carrie Tait has a ‘try anything once’ philosophy to eating whilst traveling. However, perhaps she should do some more research on what is actually poisonous.

On Toilets
In a conversation with other travelers, Carrie Tait defends her belief that it’s OK to wipe her ass with fifteen cents.

Kasongan, a Quaint Pottery Village
Barrie Lie-Birchall went to Kasongan in search of the erotic pottery the village was once famous for.

Sam Poo Kong Temple, The Stone Building
People come from all over Java to meet the mystic and learn of their destiny at the Chinese temple known as the Stone Building.

Parangtritis, a Beach Not Too Far
Barrie Lie-Birchall could not understand why a trip to the beach would be culturally enlightening – but he found out.

Candi Medut Monastery
Candi’s are in general, tombs of the dead, but Candi Mendut is a Candi of worship.

Barrie Lie-Birchall visited the sacred shrine of Sendangsono, a holy place comparable to that of Lourdes in France.

Prambanan, the Sacred Hindu Complex
Whichever way you first see the massive complex, its towering temple structures are awe-inspiring, and its beauty, breathtaking.

Quit Monkeying Around!
Julie Simpson, her backpack and her change-purse are all taken hostage by a special breed of Javan packpocket monkeys.

Crossing the Equator with Pelni
Traveling on an Indonesian ferry is an experience all its own, as Paul Dixon found on his bi-monthly visa-run to Singapore.

Into the Dragon’s Lair
Paul Dixon takes a less conventional route to the Dragon Islands and is witness to a rare event of two dragons squaring off.

The Stricken Summit
Paul Dixon hikes to the crater rim of Gunung Bromo, one of Indonesia’s 129 active volcanoes.

Chasing the Dragon
While travelling through remote Indonesia, Dylan Hird finds out there’s more than one way to chase a dragon – just be prepared to stray from scheduled services.

Motorbike Mayhem in Bali
Deb Ashby hates motorized transport, so imagine her reaction to her boyfriend’s suggestion to hire a motorbike to explore Bali.

Reflections in an Airport
Barrie Lie-Birchall found plenty of time for people watching while waiting to exit Bali’s international airport.

Happy Christmas, West Timor
Bob Jack didn’t understand what the soldiers were shouting, but a prod of a gun barrel in his back was a good incentive to do as they asked. Welcome to West Timor.

How I Nearly Killed a Goldfish by Flushing the Toilet
At posh hotels people pay top dollar for an authentic native experience. Jan Freitag got the same experience at a fraction of the price in Bali.

My Bali Adventure
Gary Brennand swims with the fishes off Bali, and goes on some of the best dives he’s ever had.

Krakatau by Night
Even though the volcano Krakatau blew itself up over a century ago, its
prodigal "son,"; Anak Krakatau, lives on.

Bali and Beyond
It was a vacation born of perfect convergence: a birthday, an anniversary, a ludicrously cheap airfare. The geckos and monkeys, however, are another matter…

Running with the Bulls in Sumatra
The sun also rises on the bullfights in Indonesia – but they’re rather different from the Spanish version. Would Hemingway approve?

Here There Be Dragons
Komodo Island in Indonesia is home to an ancient predator. Can anyone say Jurassic Park?

The Train from Jakarta to Yogyakarta
An exhausting train journey in Indonesia through heat, delays and local musicians.


This Place for Bowing NEW!
Tokyo’s the chain-smoking, pixellated-porn-loving, school-girl-panty buying, binge drinking, comic-book reading, toilet-slipper wearing, inefficient-working-practises capital of weird.

Shopping for Buddhas
Philip Blazdell searches Japan for Buddhas…and understanding of the dichotomy that is Japan.

Samurai Those Hooligans!
David Weber proposes a unique way to deal with football hooligans as they flood international soccer tournaments.

Master of the Bunny Slope
As David Weber slid down the mountain on his head, he equates snowboarding in Japan to a medieval torture method.

Jumping Japanese Jail
Mark Thiel manages to sing karaoke, get arrested and recite haikus – all on his birthday in Japan.

Cycling Japan
Despite rain, pain, and constant setbacks, Jonathan Felix finds bliss while cycling across Japan.

The Myth of the Green Dress
It wasn’t her attempts at small talk, friendly smiles or good vibes that helped Katy Rosenberg fit in at her new school in Japan. It was a bouncy, hideously ugly green dress.

48 Hours in Hiroshima
Shirley Camia visits the sites of a city decimated by an atomic bomb 60 years ago, and marvels at its recovery.

Japan: A Priori
Shawn Cooley discusses the spirit of the traveler and explains what’s driving him to leave his job to teach English overseas.

Defining Gaijin
Denielle has a rather absurd bathing experience in the shadow of Mt Fuji in Japan.

Takayama, Japan
Located in the alps in northern Japan, Takayama is a place where everyone appreciates the essence of their home.

Republic of Gaijinistan 401: Living in a Gaijin House
Living in close proximity to seven other people can create some tension, so David M Weber took it upon himself to establish a Republic, with himself as ruler, of course.

Roppongi Nights – Roppongi Mornings
Unlike anywhere else in Japan, Roppongi is a magnet, attracting people from all walks of life. David M. Weber suggests viewing the wildlife at night only.

Hiroshima Odyssey
A road trip in Los Alamos leads James Dorsey first to the Manhattan Project and then to Japan’s Hiroshima Peace Park.

Killer Flu and Crazy, Dedicated Students
David M. Weber is worried what might happen to him if one of his students decides to show up for class even though they may be at death’s door.

Accurate Blooming Schedule for Ohanami
Erin Joslyn asked two picnicking, karaoke-ing, sake drinking, celebrating Japanese what their typical image of celebrating sakura is.

How Do I Get To…
Follow Mary Keener as she gives tips on how to find a local place when even the locals can’t help.

An English Sensei in Japan
Laugh with April Bryant as she describes her life as a sensei (teacher) in Japan. After all, taking yourself too seriously gets you nowhere.

Saga of a Ronin English Teacher
How David M. Weber lost his master and now has to sell his services to the highest bidder, or any bidder for that matter.

Memories of a World Cup
During the 2002 World Cup, Philip Blazdell remembers a fantastic summer fours years ago when Japan joined the universal brotherhood of football and life really was worth living.

Geisha Fantasies
Teressa Rerras journeyed to Kyoto to photograph the elusive geisha and to become one, if only for a day.

From Gijan to Shogun – a Life in Japanese Films
The Japanese go about things differently. In this case, making an promotional film aimed at attracting foreign scientists.

A Japanese Wedding
As the only two Westerners at a Japanese wedding reception, this truly was a cultural experience.

Tank Top Man and The Korean Night
After his first week of teaching, Demian Leger needed an escape. He shed Clark Kent and became…Tank Top Man.

Two Tickets to Paradise
Demian Leger became Giovanni for a night on the Korean town. He didn’t win the finals but he felt good about what he did gain.

Breaking the Surface
Brian Laguardia returned to South Korea as a civilian and found that some things changed and some haven’t.

Korea For Real
Paul Bolger wants to highlight the good experiences he has had in South Korea during his three years there.

The Last Line
As Philip Blazdell left the barbed wire and mine filled DMZ that separates two countries, he felt a little less safe and secure, and hopes never to return.

My Bike is Broken: Losing it in Gyeongju
Kevin O’Shea wanted something different than his usual stale weekends in Korea. He found it by getting lost in Gyeongju.

A Hike in Korea
Kevin O’Shea thought a hike would be a great way to get better shape, and instead he learned much about Korean culture.

The Other Korea
For Eileen Meehan, South Korea’s huge economic growth mixed with its traditional culture adds greatly to a diverse travel experience.

The Korean DMZ: A Propaganda Playground
Kari Frizzle’s experience in visiting the Demilitarized Zone of North and South Korea feels like some strange ‘Propaganda’ theme park ride.

Karaoke With The Monks, Dog Soup and Beyond
Jeff Shields escaped the corporate world by teaching English in Korea.

The Other Side of the World
Arriving in Korea for the first time to teach English can easily lead to culture shock.

A Week in South Korea
A whirlwind tour and some new food experiences.

The Dill Road to Kyrgyzstan
A post trip rewrite of the original brochure sent to J. Sutcliffe before a bike trip into the Tien Shan mountains. With new and improved truth and disclosure. Then again, how could they predict the terminal would burn like that?

Sergei: A Lost Spirit
After living through the Russian equivalent of the Vietnam War, veteran Sergei treaches Tim Healing how to enjoy the simpler things in life.

Dialogue in the Dark NEW!
David Michael Gary is stuck in a Loatian cave with only a flashlight and a vague sense of direction.

Literally Going With the Flow
Kenny Walpole and his friends travel like Huckleberry Finn through Laos, drifting for almost a full week in a boat they purchased.

The Killing of the Pig
Koichi Watanabe views eating pork differently having seen the process from live animal to meal on the table in Laos.

Protein Power
Think you’ve got a weird travel story? Sarah Rasmussen reckons she’s got one, involving a dead cow, that’ll top it.

Oh My God, My Ass Hurts!!
For some reason Robby Mandeville chose to spend 30+ hours of sitting in boats, buses and pick-ups in Laos. He shares a little hard earned road wisdom.

A Long, Slow Riverboat … And More
Alone, obviously not Lao, presumably a walking money bag, Michael Green was a prime candidate.

Street Meat and Monks
During his brief time in Laos Kevin O’Shea discovered the country is intriguing and infectious, a place he needs to spend more time exploring.

Quickly Down the Mekong
Michael Robinson finds that a traditional stereotype of Asia still lurks in the increasingly accessible backwaters of Laos.

Sit and Listen to the Rice Grow
Tim Ashby knows he will not recall the Lao family’s faces as his memories of that day fade, but he will never forget their simple kindness or their smiles – which are as strong and as warm as their coffee.

Something Out of Nothing
Ben Morris found that sometimes, doing nothing at all is just what you need to be doing to have a memorable travel experience.

Things That Money Just Can’t Buy
Shira Green’s two hour journey took more than four, but what’s a few hours in exchange for adventures that money just can’t buy?

Laughter in Laos
Luke Melia experiences Laos up-close and in-depth, and with its kindness and hospitality finds himself a part of things in a sublime country.

Laos – A Wartime Visit
In 1970, Laos was a much different country to visit. Mr Ginger visited the offices of Air America and ran into some interesting characters on the road.

Northern Laos by "Bus"
Five hours on a small bench in the back of a truck with no shock absorbers, 17 people and a tied up piglet.

Laos by Bike
Laos is an extremely hilly country when it comes to cycling. And the downhills have potholes from hell.

Luang Prabang, Laos
Some useful visa tips and be sure to bring Rizla papers, even if you don’t smoke!

Into Deepest Laos, and Beyond
A seven day journey to the Plain of Jars and back.

The Lure of Loagan’s Legend NEW!
A disappearing lake, renowned bird-watching and local traditional methods of fishing draw travelers to Loagan Bunut National Park in Malaysia.

Traveling To Malaysia; Truly an Asian Paradise
Karen Grosso finds paradise in Malaysia’s food, shopping and natural beauty.

A Forest, Three Hundred Tigers and Me
Ben Morris thinks that if Tarzan exists, he’s swinging through the trees of the Teman Negara National Park.

If Only… But Then
As Marie Lovell discovered on the bus to a hostel in the Cameron Highlands, it’s the getting there that’s the real adventure.

All Aboard the Singapore-Malacca Express
Tim Jellings waxes lyrical about his trip from Singapore to Malacca by bus.

Alone in Malaysia: Hiking the Taman Negarah Rainforest
Graydon wanted to spend some time by himself, hike through undeveloped rainforest and see lots of wildlife. Well, two outta three ain’t bad.

Harem Scarum: Marriage and Divorce in the Maldives NEW!
The Maldives are home to the highest divorce rate in the world, where men can divorce their wives by saying ‘I divorce you’ three times.

Vodka and Politics NEW!
Francis Wilson’s Mongolian guide and driver can’t be any more different, politically and physically, but the future looks good for both.

Across the Steppe to Khövsgöl Nuur NEW!
A drunk driver, copious amounts of vodka and even more amounts of mutton are all part of Francis Wilson’s trip to the largest lake in Asia.

A Visit to the Gobi Desert
Jacqui Thompson decided that she was guilty in a sense for having more than her fair share of luck and opportunity in her travels within Mongolia.

Using local transport to visit Kublai Khan’s summer palace in Inner Mongolia.

Enlightenment at Pashupatinath NEW!
Ken Silver concludes that being poor might be better to attain Liberation – in the Hindu way.

Zen and the Art of Slow Trekking
Nepal is trekker friendly, but the Annapurna Circuit is even friendlier to those to take the time to enjoy it.

Sagarmatha Trekking
Trekking around the Solu-Khumbu region of Nepal, Michael Robinson experiences everything the Himalayas has to offer – even a Yak burger.

Mystical Nepal
Kym Rusch’s long-awaited trip to Nepal includes watching a cremation, chanting monks and mating monkeys.

Working the Tourists in Kathmandu
Rose Franco was afraid there wouldn’t be any transportation available at midnight. The reality was the absolute opposite.

Looking for the Yeti in Langtang
MC recommends Langtang as a short trek that will give you a good insight to life in the Himalayas, especially during the monsoon months.

The Marsyangdi Bites Back
Christie Eckardt learnt to never underestimate Nature’s power while rafting on a river in Nepal.

The Jomsom Trek
Leanne Currie-McGhee could not complete her chosen hike due to avalanche conditions. She found a worthy substitute in the Jomsom Trek.

Full Moon at Mani Rimdu
Chris Card Fuller hiked to the Chiwong monastery in Nepal to witness Mani Rimdu, the annual Buddhist moon festival.

Mustang – The Forbidden Kingdom
In the little known Mustang region of Nepal, the treks have limited numbers of hikers and can be customised to suit you.

Conquering Everest
Whether you’re the first, the fastest or a fourteen-year-old, Everest has a special attraction.

When Adventure Turns Into Misadventure
Weather forces a change of plan in a trekking and rafting trip in Nepal.

To Carry the Dust to Multan NEW!
There are probably more heritage sites in Multan than in all of the Pakistan, which is why S.A.J. Shirazi thinks it should be recognized by UNESCO as a ‘World City of Heritage’.

Where Have the Snow Leopards Gone?
The lucky few who visit Pakistan’s Nagar Valley may be rewarded with the spotting of the snow queen.

Who Owns Harand Fort?
Home to the enchanting love story involving Alexander the Great, the Harand Fort is now in danger of disappearing.

Surviving Gateways of Multan
One of the oldest Islamic civilizations, Multan remains a cultural icon to Pakistan. S.A.J. Shirazi wants more to be done for its historical preservation.

Railway Odyssey
Lahore to Karachi on the new Krakoram Express is a rarity in Pakistan. For S.A.J. Shirazi, it is mind expanding, horizon broadening, wallet emptying.

Pishin Pitch
S.A.J. Shirazi delves into the elaborate history of Pishin Valley, a region that could be a rich fruit basket of Pakistan.

Deserving A Dot On The Map
S.A.J. Shirazi discovers how one of the biggest offshore island in the Arabian sea, which holds a huge amount of ecological diversity, doesn’t even merit a dot on most Pakistan maps.

Historic Trilogy
Four words describe S.A.J. Shirazi’s trip to Okara: milk, butter, mammals and farms.

Nature Calling
The Ucchali Complex of lakes provides S.A.J. Shirazi with some of the most beautiful sites in Pakistan.

Around Abbottabad
A hidden gem not far from Islamabad, S.A.J. Shirazi discovers lofty peaks, pine scented air, and a gateway to some of the most dazzling sites in Pakistan.

Greek Connections
Although Pakistan isn’t usually associated with Greece, it was once part of Alexander from Macedon’s great empire. S.A.J. Shirazi searches out a forgotten monument in the Salt Range.

Face of the Earth
S.A.J. Shirazi writes of the hidden beauty of Lasbela/Bela – an area with impressive history but an unknown future.

Back to Pakistan: A Traveler’s Tale
Experience a country as it was before the age of mass tourism: go during a war. It’s working out quite well for K.

A Tourist in the Khyber Pass
Arthur Charles took the Khyber Pass to the Afghani border just to kill some time. Then his imagination took over. What was he doing in an area where the cottage industries were drug-trafficking and arms manufacture?

Pakistan’s Final Frontier: The Smugglers’ Bazaar
Risking a visit to the area forbidden to foreigners revals an interesting side to Peshawar.

Shits at the Ritz
The events surrounding a visit to Pakistan for a friend’s wedding.

Travel Lows and Woes: The Closing Gangplank
Roselle Tenefrancia and her friends take a leap of faith before their ferry leaves the island of Romblon in the Philippines.

Travel Lows and Woes: Dungeons
A dungeon, gas chamber-type room on a ferry exists two levels below the sea. Roselle Tenefrancia and her friends decide that comfort should outweigh saving a little money.

Travel Lows and Woes: Skin Agony
After one bug bite in Palawan, Roselle Tenefrancia had to endure two years before the rash finally disappeared. But guess what? That doesn’t stop her from traveling!

Riding the Roads in the Philippines
While in the Philippines, Alan John encounters friendly locals, wonderful fruit, and a sore butt.

Palawan, a Paradise
For Thu-Tam Doan, the beaches surrounding El Nido provide the tranquility she needs to nurture her inner soul. It is one of the most beautiful places she has seen.

A Day Away
Rochelle Cuyco felt liberated and beyond the reach of routine and all modern comforts on the faraway island of Malapascua.

Far from being shunned and secretive, Erik Trinidad found the sport of cockfighting to be the national pastine in the Philippines, as popular as baseball in the US.

In Imelda Marcos’ Backyard
Bruce Walter found the once grand home of Imelda Marcos in a sad state of disrepair and eerie in its emptiness as he passed through on his way to the beach.

The Caves of Coron
Robert Geier is off to buy a waterproof flashlight after experiencing diving in the Coron Caves without one.

Joe and the Whale Shark
White water fetishes are adequately catered to in the Philippines, with white water rafting and surf kayaking. Robert Geier was indulging in the latter when he came across a shark.

Bloodsport for All
Basketball is the national sport of the Philippines, but Robert Geier found cockfighting much more popular on a Sunday.

Chaos in the Canyons
Robert Geier had dived the Canyons in the Philippines a few times, but the last time was the best dive ever.

The Village the Highway Forgot
Bruce Walter isn’t afraid of his Philippine paradise being spoiled by too many tourists. It’s simply too remote.

Manila to Hong Kong on $1
Putting the "budget" in budget travel, Nick O’Neill has a yard sale – in an airport.

Traveling the Philippines Under Terrorist Threat
Karlo Nilo Buhay Samson is not going to let a terrorist attack deter him from taking his holiday where he wants to.

The Manila Slum
Getting in and out of a dodgy situation in Manila, right off the plane.

Cebu, Philippines
Cebu is a great base to explore mountains and small Philippine islands.

Understanding The Lion City
The enigma of Singapore astonishes Susan Bowers – an economic marvel and, to her, soulless.

Nothing Much Happens in Singapore
This is not an image most people have of the bustling city-state. But Priscilla Hon finds it is Singapore at its best.

Slippy, Shitty Bus Ride
On a long distance bus ride, Steve Bond’s need to use the bathroom outweighed the horror of what he found in the toilet.

Roads are Made for Journeys, Not Destinations
A week after being dumped by her boyfriend in Malaysia, Kirsty Mansfield was consoling a hooker in a five star hotel room in Singapore.

Singapore Smiles
Luke Melia has nothing but good things to say about this city-state, from the prevalence of "hand phones" to the nuances of "Singlish".

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka by Bus
Terrapins, elephants, cyclists and narrow roads did not deter Denni Schnapp’s bus driver from heart-attack inducing speeds in Sri Lanka.

A Surf Spot with Style
Any travelers keen to experience a surf beach with a real difference, Charlotte Winstone thoroughly recommends Arugam Bay in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka’s Hill Country by Train
In Sri Lanka, cheap first-class tickets and free world-class views can restore anyone’s faith in rail travel in the Third World.

Adam’s Peak, Sri Lanka
The Ceylon mountain with the sacred footprint of Buddha, Adam or Shiva, depending on what you believe.

The Spirits of Lanyu NEW!
As the only tourist, Denni Schnapp discovers the quiet island of Lanyu…and its nuclear waste dump.

Walking the Streets of Taipei
Putrid tofu, fireworks and vendors are just a few of the things Micki Kosman dodges on Taipei’s busy streets.

Motorcycles and Madness in Taiwan
John Matthews travelled up the coast of Taiwan on a motorcyle and camping by the roadside. The view was nice, but the traffic was awful.

A Massage with a Happy Ending
Richard Taylor had heard about massage parlours in Thailand, but nothing prepared him for the ‘happy ending’ massage.

Sex, Drugs and Lunar Cycles
Full moon partying, Ko Phangan and public sex, Lee Abbamonte saw it all in Thailand.

Sarah Spence has found Pai-radise in northern Thailand.

Don’t Forget your Flashlight
After nearly being attacked by wild dogs, Kim Rittberg learns a cardinal rule: never forget your flashlight when looking for a toilet.

Celebrating the Thai New Year
Pete Day celebrates the Thai New Year with a huge, city-wide water fight.

Pai in the Sky
Read why Tim Schorzman became another victim who fell in love and just couldn’t leave Pai, Thailand.

Searching for Gibbons
Andy Isaacson trekked four days along a physical and emotional roller coaster for what amounted to four minutes of gibbon viewing. Was it worth it?

From Congestion to Relaxation in Two Hours
Joel Barnard wanted to see ‘the bridge over the River Kwai’ and take advantage of the proxmitity of this tourist attraction to Bangkok. He was both disappointed in the bridge and satisfied by the food.

Teaching English in Thailand
Nadia Krager reflects upon her first year of teaching and comes up with four cliches that ring true of her time in Thailand.

Bus to Chiang Mai
Cheryn Flanagan and friend wanted to escape to the sanctuary of northern Thailand, but things did not go according to plan.

New Years, Thai Style
Phill Sherring had his best New Year’s celebration and one of his most memorable travel experiences in Thailand.

Adventures with the Local Tourist Trade
Smell tourist setups? See how Bob Riel becomes skilled at sniffing them out.

Hat Yai Happy New Year
Steering clear of the westernised Full Moon Party, Greg Powell experienced a New Year’s Eve with a more local flavour.

The Three R’s: Rabies, Rambo & Raging Hypochondria
A bite from a stray dog unleashes the dark powers of Steve Bond’s mind with visions of a rabies-induced death.

Thai Traditional Massage: Wat’s it all about?
Gigi Ragland emerged from Wat Po rejuvenated and euphoric, ready to preach the restorative benefits of the ancient practice of Thai traditional massage.

Backpacking Inc.
Travel is wasted on the traveler getting wasted while wasting away places that were once better off, in Campbell Smith’s estimation.

Football Fever
Sure you can catch the FA Cup final in Kho Pha Ngan, as long as you bring a back-up telly like Justin Pushman wishes he had.

Crime in the Land of Smiles
Campbell Smith was warned about thieves… before, during and after he was robbed. Even the thief himself warned him to be more careful.

Bangkok and Chiang Mai
Joe Ehrlich’s trip to Thailand included monkeys, orchids and elephants, but no temples, factories or product demonstrations. Oh, and he’s a boring shopper.

Of Curries and Common Ground
Kristina Johnson went north of Chiang Mai for the cooking clases, but she learned much, much more about the people in the villages.

Car Chase in Chiang Mai
After renting a car to see the sights of Chiang Mai, Mr Ginger noticed the same car always seemed to be nearby.

Who Needs Clocks on the Isle of Koh Samui
The prospect of a bullfight to break up the usual island routine turns into a race for survival as the bulls break free.

Lessons on a Bus
Leanne Currie-McGhee’s "relaxing" bus journey from Bangkok to Phuket and what she learned about Thai culture through that experience.

Massage in Chiang Mai
Fancy being a human penknife? Or perhaps a kidney massage is more your style. This is massage in Thailand.

Tips for Thailand
Handy tips on accommodation, transport and what not to do.

Bangkok, Thailand
Beaches and Buddhists in this popular destination.

Maesai Gems, Thailand
Maesai is a world renowned source of rubies.

Straight into Another World
Christopher Wood wondered if Ganden monastery was where he would find his place in the scheme of things.

Vultures and Voyeurs: A Tibetan Sky Burial
K’s tale contains one dead guy, two men with axes, a flock of vultures and 10 camera-carrying tourists. It ain’t pretty, folks.

Tea in Manali
The chai in Manali is different from what Joan Pinto knows in India, but it warms far more than her bones.

Evening Prayers in Lhasa
Observing the evening ritual of the monks in Jokhang Monastery.

The Brad Pitt Effect
One horse towns, feudal economies and mountain sickness. All part of a trip to Tibet.

Backwards in Hanoi NEW!
Francis Wilson takes the time to enjoy Hanoi’s heat – and the beauty of air conditioning.

The Wrong Time of Year in Sapa
David Hattam slips and slides along treacherous trails in the hills of Sapa in Vietnam.

The Embassy Hunter
On his way to find the Laotian Embassy, Paul Neville discovers he must first encounter the curious stares of the Vietnamese and the suspicious eyes of the Americans.

Birth Language Becomes Foreign Language
Nick Dao returned to Vietnam after more than twenty years to find the biggest change was in himself and his understanding of his native language.

Driving, Vietnamese Style
Jennifer Hodgins thinks western countries could get so much more out of their roads if they adopted Vietnamese driving habits.

Man on the Moon
Philip Blazdell didn’t know quite what the sedate, remote Vietnamese village made of him running around the village square with his shirt on his head.

Delta Moonshine
Despite considerable language barriers, Matthew Griffin finds comfort in knowing that a smile is universal and that common ground can be found in a glass of rice wine, about halfway down.

Sunburned Shoulders and the Hanoi Hilton
For whatever reasons – the lack of tourists, the not-yet globalized culture or the overall beauty – Kevin O’Shea simply had to see Vietnam.

Mama Hahn
Hy Lyfe feels graced for getting an intimate glimpse into the life of the mother of all Vietnamese boat people – the unique and wonderful Mama Hahn.

It’s a Different World
Interested in daredevil activities or traditional attractions? Follow Ben Morris as he wanders around Saigon, Vietman.

A Day in the Making
Sweating it out at the all-men gym is no problem for Julie Simpson, but the scooter ride with a Thai "girly boy" is a different story.

Sipping Wine
During a tour of a local village, Melissa Vander Kooi is allowed to partake in a ceremony normally reserved for men only.

My Son
Living in Ho Chi Minh City, Melissa Vander Kooi felt like an outsider until she went to volunteer at a local orphanage.

Muzak, Footy, Bars & Buses
Justin Pushman can never quite seem to leave Saigon, but at least some footy’s on.

Change of Heart
On principle, Kevin Mulcahy did not give to beggars, especially in third world countries. A two minute encounter in Saigon changed his mind.

Vietnam: An Unspoiled Vacation
Sylvia Seschel visited Vietnam and felt her timing was perfect to enjoy the unspoiled beauty of the country before hoards of tourists overrun the place.

Valentine’s in Vietnam
Armed with chocolate, bread and cheese, Leanne Currie-McGhee and her husband Keith planned to enjoy a Valentine’s Day feast on a Vietnam train. Bribery, bugs and getting lost were not part of the plan.

A Tipple with the Tribes
A return visit to Vietnam for a few months finds some things changed, but many still the same as it’s always been.

Our Viet Nam Experience
Viet Nam’s new slogan is "It’s a country, not a war", but there are some poignant reminders for American travellers.

Declaration of my Coconut Index
With no Big-Mac Index available in SE Asia, Thu-Tam Doan sets out to create something more relevant – with coconuts.

The End
Poverty in SE Asia can be difficult for any traveler to face. It’s even harder for Thu-Tam Doan, who was born, and could have died, there.

Cycling in Shangri-La: Bicycle Misadventures on the Roof of the World
Cycling the Karakoram Highway from Pakistan to China, battling illness, breakdowns, hunger, weather and, of course, the roads.

Pedalling to Nirvana: Mount Kailash by Bicycle
Continue the journey from Xinjiang, China to Tibet along a road forbidden to Westerners.

International Express
The train from Bangkok to Penang is a route not often used by travellers.

South East Asia Diary
A journey through Indonesia, Thailand and Laos, finding beauty everywhere.

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