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The main reason I’m writing this article is because I run a website that is directly related to the topic of Auckland nightlife. I want you, dear traveler, to look at my website when you’re thinking of, or actually in, Auckland, New Zealand.

Another reason I’m writing this is because the BootsnAll guys are great. They put us up at their place in Eugene, Oregon, when we were passing through, a few years ago. We got drunk; somewhere on this site is a picture or two from then. We played washers – a fun game.

When I first moved to Auckland in 2003, I had a hard time figuring out where to go for good live bands and DJs. There is only one newspaper here, the New Zealand Herald, and although it does list events, it does not specify genres, times, locations or prices. Sadly, there is no alternative press – like The Chicago Reader, San Francisco Chronicle, Village Voice, the Onion. There are some small, free magazines and websites that have music listings, but they tend to be cryptic.

A typical list of gigs would look like this:

  • DJ CXL at FU

As someone new to the city, it felt like the whole place operated like one big in-group. How was I, an outsider, supposed to know what type of music DJ CXL would play? Or where/what FU is? Or, if anyone was opening for Fur Patrol? What time would the main act start? How much would it cost? This is information one needs to know when planning a night, regardless of how twisted things may eventually become, right?

Now fast forward four years. My partner and I are both web developers. A friend of ours is one of the busier DJs in town. Through work and play, we’ve managed to slide into the in-group; we have a good idea about what’s happening in this town on any given night.

Mukuna Gig Guide is about what’s on in Auckland. It has Google maps to almost every venue in town. We list genres, prices, start times, and we have flyers and images for almost all gigs on our site. It’s not perfect, but it’s the site I wanted when I first moved here. What do you think of it?

If you’re ever in Auckland and you want to get your nightlife on, feel free to give us a shout. We’ll sort you out one way or another. This city, and in fact this country, has an awesome music scene, but it starts late; you have to know where to go. Enjoy!

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