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Brooke AllenI am not the writer named Brooke Allen, or Charlie Sheen’s wife. I am a male; the guy on the right with my wife, Eve, at Burning Man, 2009.

My life changed in 1963 when I had Mr. Rieur for the sixth grade. He taught geography with slides and stories of his adventures while visiting the places in our syllabus. We saw him standing at the Parthenon as it appeared in our book. And then he showed us what Athens looked like from that spot. We learned how to live in the world and love its inhabitants. We are still in touch, and you can see him here.

In 1966 I became an amateur (ham) radio operator (call: N2BA), and I would come home from school and talk to people all over the world. In the early 1970’s I hitch-hiked to 48 states, and in 1977 I got a desk job with American Airlines and took over 70 weekend trips in the two years I was there. (Here is a story about going around the world to have lunch with a ham in Nepal.) I have been to about 50 countries and licensed radio ham in 30 of them.

After a career in computer programming and finance I’ve cut back on work to concentrate on my personal mission, namely: To be of meaningful help to “my people” who I define as Over-Educated Westerners. You can follow me at, and write to


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