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Dave Copeland
Author Bio

Dave Copeland is a 32-year-old writer who would have published his first book years ago if all this travel hadn’t gotten in the way (or so he says).

Dave left a somewhat distinguished career in newspapers in 2004 to pursue a master’s degree in creative nonfiction writing and work full-time as a freelance writer. That career move turned Dave onto a whole new type of travel: business travel, where grown men and women travel to exotic, faraway cities and never, ever leave their hotels.

Unlike other attendees to the latest conferences on banking and biomedicine, Dave uses those trips as an excuse to see new parts of the country. He is an avid backpacker and outdoor enthusiast, but he is also fascinated with cites, urban areas and their development.

Dave caught the international travel bug late, winning a six-week reporting fellowship that allowed him to spend time in Germany’s Ruhr region in early 2004. That was followed by a nine-day tour of Europe where he crammed way too many countries into too short of a time.

Copeland is currently working on a true crime book, with the research expected to take him Munich, Tel Aviv and Brooklyn (a place he has never been, despite having lived in New York for nine months in 1999). When not out hiking or on the road, Dave and his dog Cosmo split time between Boston and Pittsburgh.

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