Author Bio: Rachel Nena Krasno, MSW – San Francisco, California, USA

I was born in California and have been craving adventure ever since I can remember. I was the adventure seeker and always took risks as a child. My earliest memory of travel was a family trip to Washington DC. I climbed the white, stretched steps of the Capital Building as my mother wore a long coat, which screamed “70’s patchwork” in brown, olive, red and yellow. The air was crisp and my eyes wide with excitement at the tender age of five.

My sense of adventure continued to thrive. My father often traveled for business and my first international journey occurred in Israel at the age of eight. I spent two weeks on foreign soil, and I remember embracing the adventure with great awe. At the age of 12, I ventured through two of the
Hawaiian Islands. I recall a vivid memory of the decent, which provided a breathtaking view as the sparkling, radiant waters painted with blue, turquoise, teal, and green blended with the motion of the waves. My eyes were on full alert for the natural beauty the islands had to offer. I learned to soar above the clouds at the age of 13 as I flew a small two-passenger plane and realized the possibilities were endless. And at 16, I embarked on a six-week adventure overseas with other youth.

After my educational endeavors, which included a Bachelor and Masters Degree, I experienced a total of 16 states and 21 countries across four continents. Though it is not the number of places, but the exploration itself, which provides me the opportunity to meet fascinating individuals, learn about culture and understand the differences that make people unique. After spending 343 days with only a backpack, thrill for the unknown, and my around–the–world ticket, I scratched the surface, but the journey continues.

When I am not traveling, writing or working, I can be found snowboarding on top of a snowcapped mountain, walking along the beach, or fire dancing. My latest adventure is attending my Extreme Sports Class where I learn flips and spins on a trampoline. I live in San Francisco and often explore the city’s unknown treasures. The adventure is everywhere!