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Richard Relaxing
Richard Relaxing
Someone once told me, my life story would read better than a Ken Follett novel (my apologies to Mr Follett). I am now classed as a mature person, actually, senior citizen is closer to the truth, but I still had to decide what I wanted to be when I grew up. Trouble was, the medical profession concluded that I was finished working three years ago. Wrong! Very wrong! I am only just starting to realise my dream of writing, travelling and photography and there is so much to see and do.

I have dabbled in photography since I was five years old, helping my father with his photography, home developing and printing, so it was only natural that I follow in his footsteps. The writing followed as I began to write human interest and trivia type articles for magazines and newspapers and a few photo stories thrown in for good measure.

This took a back seat for a number of years while attending university, gaining both a degree in Administration and Teaching. My current project is studying for the Diploma in Freelance Travel Writing and Photography through the Australian College of Journalism, to hone my writing and journalism skills and to gain the academic credential seemingly so necessary these days.

My writing style over the years has been straightforward, simple, and interesting to most readers. It is presented in detail, with supporting images and in an everyday language for ease of reading.

I became a teacher in 1985 because I had a great desire to share my skills and experiences with others and I was a real sponge for knowledge and still am. I will do the same with my writing and photography, so that would be travellers can share the experiences with me.

Asia and the Pacific will be my main stamping grounds as I am fascinated with Asian culture and philosophy and it is my home away from home.

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